Problems after Colonoscopy

I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy on the 12th December 2016. The colonoscopy was extremely painful and I was told the reason for this was because it was a difficult turn in my colon. I had quite a lot of wind pain due to trapped wind. However, I was finally discharged from the hospital and told to take it easy for the rest of the day, which I did. Since having this procedure I have not felt well I have had recurrent bouts of diarrhoea, sometimes going up to ten times a day. I telephoned the hospital 4 days later to be told I probably had a tummy bug and was told to phone an out of hours doctor if the condition worsened. I managed to get through the night and because I had not got any worse I consulted my local pharmacy, who gave me anti diarrhoea capsules, which contain loperamide,hydrochloride. This did help to alleviate the diarrhoea after 4 tablets. I then became constipated for a few days and then the diarrhoea started again and I had to start with the tablets again, which stopped it. I went to my doctors for the results of the procedures to be told that nothing could be found other than gastritis and I had been given medication for this. I told my doctor about the diarrhoea and she said if it continued to go back and see her. At the time of my visit to the doctor I felt okay and not had diarrhoea for a couple of days. However, I have had really bad diarrhoea twice since seeing my doctor. I have resumed the tablets again and I am going to go back to see my doctor again. I wondered if anyone else out there has had the same problems and how this was dealt with. I am getting really fed up with this and I certainly will not be having a colonoscopy again!

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  • I had a colonoscopy and had no problems, found out I had colitis which I control by diet. I also suffer with gas and air in my tummy which causes bloating. Anyway best of luck in sorting it out

  • Is the diarrhoea just like brown water? If so, please ask your Doctor to send away a stool sample REALLY must do this to eliminate a certain infection. Don't be fobbed off. Good luck.

  • Yes it is and I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow.

  • I think you hold ask the hospital why you are getting this diarrhea. I had to hav mcolon removed eventually which now means Inge permanent diarrhea and gave to take medication ie' loperamide and co-phenotrope for th rest of my life. I have also lost a lot of weight because of it. Done times I think all these procedures can make matters worse. I often wish I hadn't had my colon removed but you accept their advice and there's no going back unfortunately. I would say try and get the diarrhea sorted and then leave well alone.

  • Hi jim56 patricia here I agree with you one of those colonscopy is more than enough when I got my it was extremely painfull I all most nealy never went through with it I will never have another one not for a gold clock but they had to find out why I was never far from a toilet with spasms so bad & now I have celiac disease & my sister has divicurtistis which she takes loperamide so she can have a bit of a life & move out so no more horrible tests for me just suffer with what I have & keep in control of it thats all we can all do manage these horrible automunne diseases take care patricia

  • I would wonder how sterile the procedure is. If the Hospital are doing lots of theses tests , is it not possible for one persons bugs to be still on the tube and be transferred to another patient. I did read somewhere that this is a possibility.

    If it is a possibility you might indeed have picked up a bug.

    Generally I would agree with living with the condition if possibly and keeping away from invasive procedures, unless absolutely essential.


  • Thank you all for your comments. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow.

  • Go to a new gastroenteroligist. Ask to do all tests on stool sample. You may have c-drficil or? Also ask for SIBO home test if the stool,tests don't show results. Good luck.

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