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Hi all, I had bad constipation and was prescribed Laxido. May not have taken enough but ended up being sent to A&E on Christmas Eve by person at 111. Doc there told me to take 2 doses that night and 8 doses of Lacido over 6 hours the next day and then 1 a day for nest week. Had a rotten Christmas Day but diahorea the next day and also today. Have not had any more Lacido, feeling bloated, very quesy and a bit dizzy now. Has anyone had a similar experience, should I see my doc tomorrow, beginning to think I should. I should add that I'm on 20mg of Amyitriptiline for anxiety/depression, which is improving but I'm really fed up with how long this is going on it's nearly 3months since this all started. I did risk a Yorkshire pudding yesterday, silly as wheat seems to be a trigger food and probably ate stuff I shouldn't have but have not kept a food diary for long so it's difficult to know what makes it worse.

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Hi, I really feel for you. Hope your feeling a bit better now. I have had really severe cramps and intermittent diarrhoea since Christmas day. I'm really fed up it started of with eating stuffing, then pavlova and later a small bit of cheese on crackers. I definitely think I'm lactose intolerant and bread isn't my best friend either. Lying in bed at the moment unable to sleep with cramps and I think I may need to go to toilet again......take care xx

You have my sympathy. Hope you are improving too. I'm a little better this morning but am seeing the doc later. Anxiety now started up. Hey ho!


Ammitryptiline ok for anxiety but rubbish for depression and it is good for loos stools cos it has a calming and bunging-up affect. I wouldnt take it if you are constipated

hope everything works out

My 3rd year of being stuck in the house. Never give up! I'm on my 5th GI Dr. and am looking. So far, they don't listen, don't want me to read my list of symptoms or questions and think I must be a drug addict because I beg for someone to take away the pain. GI Dr says Pain Management should help, Pain Management says GI Dr. should help. Meanwhile I suffer. I'm now trying the last possible drug for IBS-C and so far I'm worse. Typical. No more drugs to try. Tried holistic, herbs, juice, vitamins............on & on.

Sounds grim. Finally one of the GPs at our practice has recognised that, as my colonoscopy pronounced my colon normal, I have IBS. The other docs just want to give me 'happy' pills and say it's all in my mind. While I agree to a strong correlation between mind and body I think that finding a way to manage the symptoms while the connection is reset is important too. Latest doctor I saw used to work in the gastrointestinal field so has more idea. Fingers crossed and many prayers going up. Meanwhile I am looking into finding a private clinic and have spoken to a lady who provides hypnotherapy specifically for IBS. Would you like me to offer up some prayers for you that you can find a professional who will treat you as a whole person rather than separate parts? ( I am a Christian). It is a very confusing condition, seems to be different for everyone and there is no one answer that will fix all. Probably why the medical profession struggles. Hope that you have a better day today and perhaps manage to get out of the house. Hey ho, I've just had a poo and now my tummy and my back hurt! Grrrr.

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