Endoscopy.../Sedation: what do I expect

I'm about to get an endoscopy next week at my local medical centre as doc wants to rule out certain things - he thinks it's probably IBS but it's a just in case measure.

Been getting big time pain left side under rib cage - nothing knocks it out. So this is what the endoscopy is for.

I'm looking for what to expect - if sedated or if not sedated?

Taken day off work and mum going with me. Will i be ok for work the next day,? I tajes the bus - will I be all stumbling all over the place?

They said I won't even be able to make a cup of tea after - if sedated.

I'm bit scared. I don't know if I should choose sedation or not.

Thanks for any help.

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  • Hi you will probably have an injection that just relaxes you. You get to have a bit of a lay down afterwards! I had 2 injections and just felt a bit tipsy and was fine next day. Good job your mum with you if your like that to get you home

  • Are you having to take a prep the day before to emply your stomach? If so i suggest you take it off as will be very dehydrated.

    As for sedation, 100% take it!! I had a colonoscopy to different and had mild sedation, it makes you a bit tired and made me a little dizzy, unsteady on my feet aftwards but i would say worth it

  • I don't know what you mean by a prep before?

    In terms of fluid/food. Nothing from 5am -9:20am except water sips then nothing from 9:20-11:20 at all.

    My appt time is 11.20am.

  • I'm not sure if they give you the same kind of drug but I have sedation when I go the dentist and its fantastic!!

    Can't remember a thing until it's all done and my husband has to walk me to the car!!

    I've got to have an endoscopy soon please let me know how you get on xx

  • I think what concerns me is what I will be like after. Will I be able to make a cup of tea, make a meal, wash my hair?

    I don't drive but I have work the next day - 5 min walk after getting off bus to my building.

    Once in work, I'm sat down - I use computers so that part I'll cope with.

    How strong is this sedative?

    This is my concern.

  • I was sedated, twilight sleep, came home and had something to eat, although they did give me something after I had the procedure. I napped for a couple of hours when I got home after a cup of hot chocolate. One bad thing, I don't remember ordering a few things online..the day was a little fuzzy, but I was fine the next day and able to work! Good luck, it's a piece of cake procedure, one minute you're awake and the next minute it's over! It is nothing like general anesthesia!

  • this is why they tell you not to make any serious decisions after sedation

  • Oh I know, but at least they were only a few bags :)

  • If it's anything like mine all you want to do is sleep for a few hours. And then after that you wake up and just feel tired all day but can make a brew x

  • I'm surprised you don't have to prep your stomach. But glad!

    I've read that they sometimes tell you to take laxatives a few days before and that's what was putting me off..

  • That's for colonoscopy.

  • I had an endoscopy on Wednesday. I felt a bit spacey for the rest of the day, but was fine the next day. It is relatively mild.

  • Did it relax you enough?

  • Yes. I didn't feel anything, and it was over very quickly. Nothing to worry about

  • Could you do anything when you got home? Walk anywhere within your house?, make a cup of tea/coffee, do any light chores?

  • I made my supper, but went to bed afterwards. I just watched TV, but didn't do anything more. Fine the next morning, but didn't do too much. I'm in my late 60s and have fibromyalgia, so not as dynamic as used to be anyway. However had a couple when I was younger and was fine next day

  • The sedative means you will be as if drunk. You need someone to at least take you home, and no, you wont be able to do much for the rest of the day, but that's an individual thing. You may recover well. You should be able to do basic tasks like make tea a few hours later. You should be fine next day. Is taxi an option? Are you in UK? There's an anaesthetic throat spray but I found it still uncomfortable. It means you don't get the sedative effect. The tube is a lot smaller and less invasive than it used to be. Also in the UK you stay in the unit for several hours.

    Good luck

  • My son had a endoscopy last year and was given the option of throats spray or sedation, old enough to make up his own mind and chose the sedation. He didn't regret it. Remembered nothing and was ok afterwards, it's each individuals preference. If unsure what to do ask your GP for advice. Don't worry you'll be fine.

  • Hi there. I've had couple endoscopy procedures and found them fine. Please try not to worry. I managed fine. Procedure didn't take long. Have sedation if you want and perhaps take following day off work so you can rest and make sure tummy has resettled. Good luck x

  • I can't take the next day off. I have the actual procedure day off but that is it. I'm starting to lean to not having it as my aunt had one - she's in her late 70s. She was offered it but refused it and had it without. She had the throat spray but that's it.

  • I had an Endoscopy last year, just had the throat spray myself, felt like gagging a couple of times during the procedure but overall it went smoothly, nothing to worry about, just drink plenty of water (or if you're like me tea) to lubricate your throat afterwards. Nothing to worry about at all.

  • Yes I'm leaning to that Doggie. My aunt said yes it was uncomfortable and unpleasant but she didn't want all the grogginess and inability to do things after.

    I mean having a smear is crap n uncomfortable. Gagging I expect I'll do that but the procedure they've told me is like, minutes. So weighing it up, I might just put up with it and then rest after. I just don't like the effects of the sedation - once the procedure is over.

    Maybe I can take a naproxen tab before I go? It's a strong painkiller but also has a little sedating effect, kind of like a drowsy hay fever tablet effect.

    Is this a bad idea or try it?

  • not a good idea. i had to take any medication i had to hospital with me and not take any for 12 hours before the endoscopy . They need to know if you have taken anything before you have the test done and depends what you have taken they can cancel the test.

  • I agree with pjapatricia . The reason you don't take other meds before the procedure is the sedative may interfere with what you're already on. I was on naproxen and had to stop a week before a procedure. The pain got so bad I had to take time off work, but still had to do it

  • I had a endoscopy with sedation January this year and felt ok after. They give you a cup of tea and a biscuit and leave you to rest for a while and make sure you are ok before letting you go home. I am 75 years old and was worried about having an endoscopy as i have MS and diabetes and they were investigating problems i had with my stomach .So glad i chose the sedation option and would definitely recommend this option . I also had a colonoscopy three days later and didnt realise i could have that with sedation ,not a pleasant experience so next time will opt for sedation .Hope this helps you and good luck with your tests.

  • I had another Colonoscopy last year in August and chose to be sedated, glad I did as I didn't feel a thing and it's the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time. Best of luck.

  • Where are you getting this information from? An endoscopy is really nothing to be afraid of. You have an IV and you will be out in a few seconds and wake up shortly there after ready to go.

  • Sorry for being worried about something..jeez

  • I had this 28th April 3 days ago. I didn't want sedation and I was fine. You just breathe and stay calm it only lasts about 5 to 10 minutes. I was back at work the following day but was feeling good an hour after. As far as I know they prefer not to give you sedation they told me I would be off my feet for 24 hours after if I went for it. Good luck it's not as bad as you imagine it will be.

  • I've have had numerous endoscopies the first was with just a throat spray, normally I can tolerate pain but not this time, from then on I had sedation which turned out great it was finished before I knew it. You are not totally knocked out just lightly sedated. I was then taken from the treatment room to a bed for a snooze, best sleep I have ever had, they usually keep you for about an hour then just get up and walk away. Don't have anything too hot esp tea or whatever, may have a slight sore throat for a short period. SO NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

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