Stool sample detects blood?

Hello, I had a stool sample done early this week- I got the results for infections/parasites etc but is that all it checks for or are there other things that they look for but only say if it's found positive? Like blood in stool? I'm new to this IBS world after a stomach bug this past Halloween- I've been dealing with stomach issues since (had stomach of steel before that). Anyway, I have horrible anxiety and constantly worry about IBD or something worse. So, does it ONLY check for what I got the results for or does it also check for other things? Thank you.

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  • I had to do a sample recently due to low blood count, had pernicious anemia as a teen now find it is for life from posting on here - no one told me before.

    Anyway they looked for blood in stools and found traces. Told GP they would as I suffer from hemorrhoids - fact fm Army service and shifts never leaves one - and due to hip and arthritis pain etc taking Codeine makes one constipated and if yo dont watch out simple hard stool makes a trace.

    Apart from this being the test for bowel cancer - not sure what else they do. Its all the go right now here in Australia -due to it being prevalent.

    I'm more sure its that for me not bowel cancer. Hope so anyway got enough to get on with without that. Currently awaiting hip replacement plus knee left leg but got a bout of cellulitis so they cant operate. Taking antibiotic now for 4 weeks and swelling is coming down but pain is worse for a while there benefit of swelling was knees less painful.

    Guess we cant have it all eh!

    Have a good Christmas anyway and dont worry - as my old Nan always said, it will all come out in the wash. Try o relax and go with the flow - otherwise will only hurt you not anyone else if get up tight etc. Thats what I tell myself anyway, works most of the time ha ha.


  • I had to send in three samples for bowel cancer screening the other week, one of which had blood on it. I often bleed. I then got a letter saying there was blood detected, and a further two samples were required, which I sent off, and heard nothing since! But I knew there was no blood visible in them. The following few days there was plenty. I imagine they must be looking for more than blood, if that is all they look for it is not a worthwhile screening in my opinion.

  • Hi if you are feeling super anxiouse that could make symptoms much worse.

    You kneed lots of rest and relaxation at this time

    Happy xmass x

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