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Ct virtual

Hi as they couldn't complete the colonoscopy due to pain I'm now having a virtual ct

It's taken a week for diahorria to stop from picolax so am very concerned of taking it again in 4 days plus the other dye stuff 3 times

If the air was too painful before why will this be different? And she said someone needs to drive because of buscapan? Seriously thinking of cancelling or have heard of no laxative and restricted diet? The dye will give me diahorria I'm sure

Not sure how much more my inside can take this will be 3rd prep and I lose so much weight each time

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Ask for muscle relaxant to cope with the pain,even before the virtual

Never have colo without anaesthetic!

You are not alone!threw up the prep ,screamed through one,absolute agony another !


I was refused sedation


I had one done no trouble did not need any anaesthetic, you must have been unluckley found out I had colitis from it. Worth sorting out to find what exactly is causing your problems. Best of luck

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I also could not stand the pain and I have been made to

feel that I was being difficult, so your post as really made me feel much better.I I am waiting for an appointment

for CT colostomy which I asked because the same thing happened before, but I am dreading the prep

Thank you for making me feel that am not on my own

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Ask about ct with restricted diet and no picolax as I've managed to get that on tues very scared still as it's still air


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