ct scan - worried about outcome

I am having a CT scan tomorrow morning and started taking the lovely citrafleet!! I was prepped for colonoscopic examination a month ago but doctor would not do it, as I have an unusual shaped bowel and was left with a hernia after the last attempt by another doctor, so this Dr referred me for a scan so I hopefully will get some answers to all the pain and discomfort which has been alot worse lately. I don't take dairy and i am not celeiac so worried as my dad just died a few months ago with cancer all through his stomach and liver within two weeks of diagnosis.

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  • When you get through the prep, the scan itself is quick and very simple. Good luck.

  • Thanks, a bit uncomfortable but ok, waiting on results now.

  • Bon courage ,Once you have taken the citrafleet the worst is over!

  • thanks, your right. Bit uncomfortable with the balloon and air. Just waiting on results now.

  • And the dye feels a bit weird!!

  • I'll have a CT scan on 15th, they did not advise me to get prepared in any way? ehhh... I hope you'll get your answers and you'll feel better soon! x

  • Hi, mine was for my bowel so don't know if thats different! Best wishes x

  • mine supposed to be too! I had a colonoscopy and dc advised to get CT...

  • In my assessment appointment the nurse gave me the citrafleet and other stuff to drink the day before. Have you had an assessment appointment yet with a nurse to check you are ok for the scan?

  • no, just the letter, that I should come and that I can't be pregnant for it!x

  • I'm not that knowledgeable about scans so i don't know if you should call them or not!?

  • I think I might, thank you! Don't worry about me :) let us know how did it go!

  • Got the prep stuff drank and spent a lot of time on the toilet. Bowel needs to be empty. then they gave me a muscle relaxant and put tube in bottom and inflated balloon in it to expand the bowel so they could get a proper picture of it all. This was ok. Feeling ok today just waiting on results!

  • That's exactly what I had - it's called a pneumocolon CT scan apparently. Prep was a small bottle called Gastrografin which was a laxative and contrast dye together. It also shows up the pelvic organs - bladder, ovaries etc.

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