Ct colonoscopy

Had anyone been for one please? I couldn't complete the normal one as air was too painful how will this. Be different as still with air? She said it's co2 which your body absorbs as fast as it goes in so it doesn't stay there to hurt as long. when the pipe comes out on the scanner it says in my notes you'll be shown to the nearest bathroom ,it's not very near in my unit is it something I need to worry about am I just going to explode !

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  • I haven't had one but seen plenty & its not as bad as a colonoscopy for discomfort. The tube that is inserted into your rectum is very narrow & the CO2 is absorbed more rapidly equalling less pain. The after effects are also not too bad which is why this procedure is used for patients who cannot tolerate a colonoscopy. Best wishes

  • I agree with the above and I personally had one done .

  • I had a colonoscopy with sedation and felt no pain at all. I didn't even feel awkward or embarrassed like I thought I would. I laid on my side facing away from the staff and watched the monitor to see what they were doing. The sedation was really good. I could see what the camera could see but it didn't seem real if that makes sense. Like watching some medical thing on tv.They even had to remove polyps and it was all Ok. No pain.

  • I am having one at 11 today so will let you know. THE PREP WAS NOT AS BAD AS i was expecting. I had to have omnipaque (contrast dye ) in 2 halves and picolax at 8 am and 3pm it tasted fine. Have been going to the loo pretty regularly since 10 am yesterday but not much griping pain. Just sudden urge to go. Still going now but only a bit. However I am starving!! I had to follow a minimal redidue diet for 2 days gradually reducing in quantity so although Im hungry I dont feel faint or light headed. More info to come after the scan. X

  • Oops meant residue

  • I also had a colonoscopy with sedation and no pain or discomfort at all.

  • No

  • Thanks just back from hospital and have started with the bottle of dye no picolax, lol she said shouldn't have a laxative effect well I only just made it home so won't be venturing out today!

  • Well I had my colon scan. It took less than 1/2 hour. I couldnt have the buscapan to relax the colon as I have atrial fibrilation and it could affect it so just had to put up with it. To be honest although it was unpleasant it was no worse than having really bad trapped wind and afterwards they remove the gas with a little machine. After an hour of walking round doing my usual jobs the gassy feeling had gone. I would imagine that with buscapan it would be very minimal discomfort. They warned me that the injection of contrast dye may make me feel hot and give me a metalic taste in my mouth. I could feel my face getting hot but no metallic taste. All in all not too bad at all. Now a 2 week wait for results prob longer as it is christmas. X

  • Thankyou for the update and glad u ok

    I have just rang the unit as this dye is just going straight through me and hasn't stopped all day

    Ours don't remove the gas so a bit worried I won't make it to the loo!

  • Hope all goes well for you. X

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