IBS treatment center in Seattle, Wa.........To go or not to go??

Hi all!!

I need some advice. I have been suffering with IBS for 25 years. Im 40 yr old female. Im at my wits end and just want a Dr to help with my cramps, urgency, loose stool and gas. I live in Ma and this treatment center is in Seattle. A 5+ hour plane ride. I HATE to fly but feel like this could be my last resort. The apt. cost $400- not including flight, car rental and stay or any testing they will recommend I do. Im scheduled on Weds of ths week but can cancel tomorrow if I decide to and would need to find a flight today. Should I spend the money and go or just keep trying the FODMAT diet which I just started?? I need to get better so I can participate in life!!

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  • Does the journey you have to do stress you out? I think I know the answer. Where is the loo how can I travel and sit on a plane? Can I get to a loo what if I need to fart?

    Have you tried FODMAP?

    Are there other health issues hence the referral and travel.

    I am 38 and I have IBS and with help I am managing it really successfully. I went on a plane with colleagues a few months ago something I would not have done for the past 5. years

  • I just started the FODMAT diet this weekend. Has it helped you a lot?? Im hoping it helps me. Although I just got home from grocery shopping and spent a hell of a lot of money on boring foods like quinoa and rice, but i have to give it a try. A nutrionist recommended it to me. Cant find VSL #3 anywhere or the Pronurish shakes she recommended, but will just order them online I guess.

    How long until you noticed a difference with the diet??

  • I noticed a positive difference after three weeks.

    It is tough so please do use a nutritionist as support and tell your family or friends about it. I know you can't tell them all about the gruesome details but you say a bit about what you are going throug, those you can will be so pleased to help you.

    The Benifits were a life changer for me, social, physically, emotionally. But I had amazing daily support. And I with my nutritionist I was able to learn so much about the foods that hurt me, and the situations that made my tummy/ head poorly.

    Often it is stress and certain sugars found in foods effects our emotions and hormones! Who knew! I didn't, I do now, so can manage it.

    I have not used supplements other than a daily probiotic tablet.

    Some suppliements have sugars and additives that irritate ibs.

  • Thank you for getting back with that info. I dont know if Ill ever feel better. I pray that I do though and will follow the FODMAT diet as directed. Its such an annoying thing to try and managešŸ˜£

  • I really advise you find support from a nutritionist to help you. Understanding FODMAP is difficult, once you do it makes sense.

    Sticking to it is hard not going to lie but well worth doing.

    There is information and websites as well as people to talk to. I used all of these to help turn my life around.

    Happy to help if you want to know anymore.

  • I have total empathy for you for what is such a frustrating. But try and take the positives that you are not the only one and there is ways of combating it. I can only recommend what has worked for me. I have visited my doctor several times and to be quite honest were little help other than printing out an information sheet. My first step to take I recommend is to start a food diary of what you eat for two weeks. Simply note down what you eat and what time and explain your symptoms throughout the day. This way you will hopefully identify the troublesome foods that aggravate your stomach. Unfortunately it is not a quick fix, but once you know the troublesome foods try taking them out of your diet. It may be worth reading up on what foods can typically effect people which may steer you to what else cut out. Natural remedies such as peppermint tea after meals and charcoal tablets are also worth a try. It has also been advised to me on this very blog that probiotics will get your stomach back on track. The biggest bit of advice is to try and control your diet which is the hard part. Good luck and you may feel you are on your own with this but it is more common than you think.

  • Have you tried your own intolerance tests like leaving one food group, like dairy, out of your diet for at least 2/3 weeks keeping a food and symptom diary to monitor any changes

    I control my symptoms with a completely dairy free diet and I travel to France and Italy on holiday

  • I dont do dairy and havent for a while. It doesnt seem to matter what I eat or dont eat, its always the same cramps, urgency and loose stool. Then gas all day.

    Its put me into a really bad depression. I feel anxious because of all of this. Not finding anything that has helped makes me feel hopeless.

  • If you feel that going might make a difference then try to make the effort

  • I tried there place in California. It didn't help me. I hope you have better luck than I did.

    Jennie V.

  • Hi Jenny89119,

    Can you give me some more details on your experience?? What did they offer to do for you??

    I cancelled my apt. with them in Seattle. I was nervous about flying and spending all that money.

  • One of the things they did was give me a blood test for food intolerances, they also want you to buy different vitamins, etc. They don't take insurance.

  • Did you buy and take the vitamins??

  • Hi give Forever Aloe Vera original a try,i did and after several years of feeling worried and stressed about going anywhere out of my comfort zone it made such a difference that i booked holidays to Barbados,Portugal and Teneriffe without any embarrassing moments.

  • Thanks kipper1958!

    I will for sure look into that. All i could find at my local grocery store was Aloe Vera juice. I'll look for the one you recommendšŸ˜Š

    Thats a world of difference for you I'm sure when you can start to travel again! Hopefully someday I'll be at that place too.


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