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Advice needed

Hi there. I had a severe bout of what the locum told me was gastroenteritis. I went to my own doctor when he was back in surgery as it hadn't really cleared. I haven't been given anything to take but had sample stools tested and blood tests. I now have to go for a colonoscopy and am scared witless.. Why didn't the doctor give me something for the diarrhoea. I have lost a bit of weight but nothing drastic. I could do with losing some.

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Go on NHS site for colonoscopy for info

The prep is the worst bit but limited diet for five days before helps to clear system


Hi did you ask GP for medison for the runs / you can ring up suregery and say you forgot to ask or/chemist for advise. GP doesnt give me anything now and I buy immodium instants.

But the consultant does give me medication !

Best wishes S x


a friend told me that he probably didn't give me anything for the runs as they don't know what has caused them. Thank you for your reply.


Yes but thats not the point-the loose stools stll needs to get under control; no matter whats causing it-thats what all my gps always say.

\best wishes

S x


I've had a Colonoscopy twice now, once back in the nineties and another one this year in August and I have to say the procedure has improved greatly. As Maggie has said the prep is the worst bit - I found the day before to be the hardest but I was near a toilet, which you have to be, but it didn't bother me too much having to go to the toilet. The worst bit for me was only being able to drink water, squash and other clear fluids as well as sweets, not red ones, the day before.

Believe it or not I actually found the procedure relaxing as you are sedated, I was so relaxed.

Best of luck and hope you start to feel a little better soon.


thank you for your reassurance. Naturally I am worried also as to what they will find


You are most welcome and naturally you are worried about results but the symptoms you have described can be fairly normal for IBS - unfortunately! I am now going down the route of diet as that is the only thing left for me to do now. Honestly I am sure you will be fine.

Best of luck and as I said, the procedure, even the prep, though not pleasant, is absolutely fine.



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