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Four week flare up - advice needed!


Hi all,

I am new here but am getting desperate after suffering since May 1st, I believe I may have eaten something off and since then my stomach hasn't been right!

I was diagnosed with IBS in around 2010/11 and have kept it pretty much under control with amitryptiline, loperamide and mebeverine but the last year or so I've had more and more flare ups and this most recent one is really getting me down. I ended up in hospital after what the doctors thought was internal bleeding and have now been referred to gastro. I'm trying to control the symptoms as I am starting a brand new job Monday (4 days away) and cannot bear the cramps and constant need to poo.

Currently, I experience cramping and severe bloating (cannot wear jeans), dioreah, nausea and fatigue. I've followed all my doctors advice so not sure where else to go for help, so hoped that people experiencing the same may have some tips.

At present, I am taking 5-7 loperamides, 10mg amitriptiline, buscopan and codeine, what am I missing? What else may help?


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Try the fodmap diet. It is available on the internet. Go to Monash University web site. They are in Australia and invented the diet, so have the best web site for it. It works for a lot of people, but takes a bit of effort at first, as you must shop and change your eating habits. To me it is worth it.

KatieD96 in reply to b1b1b1

Thank you! I have been trying with Fodmap and keeping a diary but after no difference following 7 days I felt it wasn’t for me!

b1b1b1 in reply to KatieD96

Generally have found that you have to be very strict with it in order for it to work. Also it may take more than 7 days. It is good you are seeing a gastro. Mine also said to take probiotics. He recommends Align. Also peppermint tablets. Make sure you are not lactose intolerant. Use only lactose free dairy products. My nutritionist has also said water and exercise. Re fodmap - you also have to be careful of condiments, many of which have onion powder as an ingredient. It is helpful if you can see a fodmap trained dietician. The diet did not work for me when I tried it on my own, but did work when I did it with a dietician. Also, a funny thing re lactose. Sausages are very high in lactose --who knew.


Do you eat much fruit? I found cutting it out completely totally cured my ibs-d but be careful as myne then turned to ibs-c and im finding it harder to deal with so up the fibre in other ways and hopefully that wont happen you.

KatieD96 in reply to Hidden

I don’t really have fruit, especially when I’m having a flare up. Will definitely look at fibre :)


Testing, such as Upper GI, lower bowel follow through (Barium Swallow) might rule anything out. Try a colon and Rectal Surgeon, as they are more specialized in these type of issues than gastros, and the only thing gastros do, will do a colonoscopy anyway and then refer you to a Colon and Rectal Specialist. I have been to three gastros, and none have been very helpful. They just throw medication at you say "IBS" and "eat more fiber" they don't look for underlying causes. I find them a waste of time and very disappointed with them. Also blood tests to test for parasites, underactive thyroid, celiac disease..diverticulitis, etc. Tenesmes is a term where you feel the constant need to defecate, and I believe there is medication or injections out there for that..Also there is a great book or journal article you can "Google" called "The Fiber Menace" Fiber may work for some, but may make things worse for others. It's not a cure, and not the answer.


Katie, Could this be linked to your changing jobs? Are you feeling scared or uneasy about it deep down? Could your body be trying to stop you from starting that job? If so, think about why this might be. What might it be protecting you from? In NLP we call this secondary gain.


Sounds like you might be Coeliac. Get a blood test to confirm. Good luck.

I feel for you! I don't have any extra advice but I know exactly how you feel! I contstantly need to poo and actually always do when I go! It really gets me down! I'm starting hypnotherapy tomorrow in the hope that will help! Explored most other avenues and nothing seems to help! I'm tempted to go back to the doctor as someone mentioned in your comments, only had a colonoscopy and as nothing showed on that they've assumed IBS! I'm guessing a colonoscopy just proves the structure of the bowel is ok not the function of it, so I'm hoping to get some more tests done! Xx

Alun001 in reply to Flik22

Good luck with the hypnotherapy, that's what changed things for me. I was fortunate to see one of the UKs best, great guy and v. Supportive throughout.



Hi Katie

I have the same problem but for longer; not taking Amytriptyline anymore.

My thyroid test came back underactive.

My GP says its stress now and everything else been tested-waiting for sigmoid results that have just had-again x4

I am on citalapram now, for about a year. Mebeverine for years; Imodium soloution, which, was prescribed through consultant.

I can understand your frustration and maybe, like me; you will have to do some relaxation too.

Try to find time to pamper yourself-grab some daily me-time-AND DONT FEEL GUILTY !

I know that it WILL eventually pass and once I had it for 11 weeks; best not to worry too :)

Anyway good luck with everything

I have had chronic diarrhea for years and finally a doctor prescribed a medication called: "Welchol." Stopped the runs in it's tracks! Very expensive, though, so he's now switched me to the same kind of drug called: "Colestipol." Works wonders!!!!!!! I can actually leave my house without worrying if I'm going to have to run home and change my clothes!!

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