Am I paranoid?

Hey guys,

I've had IBS for over a year now and only just starting to come to terms with it and getting over the shock and embarrassment which I still feel when I get a bad stomach. As a result of my IBS I always check for the nearest bathroom wherever I go just in case and take all precautions I can to make sure I don't "go" in public.

Recently, I have found that my parents made fun of me for my so called "paranoia" about bathrooms as my mum's only toilet got blocked and I got my dad to fix it as I didn't want to wait till morning just in case as my stomach was particularly uneasy that day. Once they had sorted it I left the room to grab a drink and heard them joking about all my new "paranoias" like travelling long distance in cars and buses or trying to find a toilet or listening to music to keep my mind occupied.

This seriously hurt my feelings to know that my parents would say that about me and have made me question if I am actually paranoid or if it is something that all people with IBS have.

I would really appreciate your input as I don't know anyone with this condition so it is hard to find anyone who can relate.

Thanks 😊

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  • I'm sorry that your parents said that. Unfortunately you'll find that a lot of people don't have empathy for what it is like to have IBS. Mostly because people don't know what it is. It's hard for them to understand, and as sufferers we're not good at talking about it.

    It sounds like to me you have a good strategy. I'm sure many of us on here are expert bathroom locators. We have to be. I also love your listening to music strategy - one of mine is to repeat mantras in my head over and over when I'm in urgent need of the bathroom.

    I think the best thing you can do is talk about what you're feeling. Not everyone may understand, but it's really great if you have someone to talk to. Being on here helps, but if you explained it to your family (what it's like physically and mentally) would they listen?

  • Hi, thank you for your advice :) I'm sure if I did explain to my parents what I feel I'm sure they would stop as (like you said) they don't understand.

  • Hi babe patricia here you should tell your mum & dad &anyone who thinks this ibs is a joke they dont understand the fear of not being near a toilet when the urgency cums I used to tell my family if they were usen the toilet & my pains would cum get off now & virtually through them out of it otherwise I will do it on the floor sorry for being so blunt but this ibs is a horrible condition pain & cramps & never far from the toilet I lived on it my family used to say to me why dont you trap a toilet to your self & then I moved out & dont get yhe ridicule off any one so stay strong & take each day as it cums

  • Don't be embarrassed there are lots of us and you have a diagnosis which makes it easier to cope with the disease

    Get an 'I can't wait' card from the IBS Society and a RADAR key from the RADAR key charity and this will open any disabled toilet in the UK

    Have you considered whether you are intolerant of certain food groups ?

  • Hi, I have never heard of the 'I can't wait' card it sounds awesome!! I will definitely see if i could get one!!

    I have also tried to cut out gluten and dairy to no effect so I know it isn't that but if I eat too much junk food then that definitely contributes so I've cut back.

    Thanks for your advice!!

  • Have you tried to cut one of the food groups out at a time as that might give a better result

    The other thing that you might try is the FODMAP diet - it seems to work for a lot of people - but absolutely no junk food

  • Your parents should be ashamed. Part of IBS is stress and you need all the help you can get. I always go on a dummy run to find toilets when going anywhere. I also have a card to help me use disabled toilets and a radar key.

  • loads of people can relate to you on here. you are among friends. sorry - your parents are probably just worried about you. it is easy also for people who don't have ibs to not understand.

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