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Hi everyone, looking for help and advice, I was on a cruise in December 2015 and part way through the cruse I took ill, I was hooked up to drips on tablets and felt awful they diagnosed me with acute gastroenteritis. The moment I got home this was the start of my 8 months of hell. I was given 2 lots of antibiotics which didn't work, I was rushed to A&E with suspected appendicitis. So far I have been tested for ectopic pregnancy, bladder infection, had a scan for gall bladder issues and kidney stones, had the lovely experience of a colonoscopy, during the colonoscopy they told me I had polyps which have been removed and tested for cancer which was clear thanks goodness. I have been cleared for crohns. My last meeting with the consultant he did say he thinks it may be IBS I burst into tears as I am in constant pain in my lower tummy area, nothing seems to stop it and all foods seem to trigger this pain. He did press down again and I am now going for a CT Colonography Virual. I need advice has anyone else with IBS suffered like this and any advice I did start to follow a low fiber diet which did seem to help but I still had pain in the lower right but not as bad. Any help would be appreciated as I am totally fed up and just want an answer to what I have. I was hoping it was appendicitis so it would be a small op and all over and done with. I know this is a bit (understatement) of a rant but really need help as I can do my normal activities anymore :(

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  • Cut out non soluble fibre and pulses

    Eat yog rice and well cooked oats

    Take spoon of good quality olive oil before main meal

    As the Man said take a little wine for thy stomachs sake ,make it red

  • I like the wine bit lol :)

  • It's likely you had food poisoning and you have post infectious IBS. I had salmonella around this around the same frame. one of my docs likened it to a baby having colic-time helps but the nerves in your stomach misfire as they have been traumatized and the brain doesn't speak to the belly properly. I have found that going easy on myself finding things that don't cause flare ups are best. I use a probiotic and tuneric and eat low fiber and hope each day will be better. Good Luck!

  • Try cutting out dairy and/or gluten and watching your sugar intake - that seems to help most people on here!

  • If it's related to food poisoning then i highly recommend getting treated for parasites. Don't go for over the counter ones though. Go to Humaworm or Drhulda. Don't waste any more time or the infection will become worse. I recently picked up Salmonella and had intense pain in the stomach. Once it subsided I developed a rash. I treated myself with herbal parasite cleanse and the rash disappeared.

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