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Can Rooibos tea and Soy beverage cause bloating?

I'm still struggling to discover what causes my symptoms. I have less pain since I went low fibre, but now have much more bloating. I've started drinking Rooibos tea, can that be the problem - does anyone else have a problem with this tea? Also, my dietitian said I could go onto regular milk, but she now says the bloating is caused by this. So I changed to soy protein beverage. I had ab. pains from 2 am on today, so now will go back to lactose free milk. I drank Fennel tea this morning but it didn't help. I guess I'll cut out the Rooibos tea, too.

I've been making rice pudding, with either LF milk, or, as yesterday, with Soy beverage, as I love it and it is filling. My diet is complicated by the fact that I have quite a few allergies to fruits, so am limited to what I can eat. Sugars seem to not suit me either,so I can't take in calories that way. Help!

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Please take a look at Monash University's website on Fodmaps.

Changing to only using luwfodnais foods for a while may help you find what is actually causing your bloating.

Some May be

Pulses, legumes, soya

Apples, pears and fruit containing stones

Onions, cauliflower, peas and beans

Lactose in cows milk

Non- soluble carbohydrates

Hope this helps


I've found that working out which FODMAPS affect me and cutting them out has made a massive difference and enables me to manage my IBS really well. If you think that Soy milk is causing you problems could you try Almond milk. Look for the unsweetened varieties to avoid sugar. I use almond milk in porridge and am sure it would work just as well in rice pudding. Hope that helps :)


Thanks for reply. I've been on the low FODMAP diet for 3 months now, with only a small improvement until I cut out quinoa when I realized it is very high fibre. Although I'd experienced some bloating, it wasn't until I started drinking regular milk again (dietitian's advice) that the bloating became a much bigger problem, so she's put me back on lactose free milk. I dumped the Soy yesterday, so will see what happens in the next few days. I also have tree nut allergies so won't drink the almond milk. Haven't tried rice milk yet.

I read a post yesterday that was illuminating about "trapped" wind/gas. It perfectly describes what I've experienced over the past week. Again, perhaps now that I'm on the LF. milk, it will disappear. Here's hoping!

So many people on this forum are suffering more that I am.


Don't think soy in any way shape or form is any good to people with IBS,or any other gastrointestinal problem. Try camomile tea,I have ko ko milk it's lovely but no good in tea. I think it's best to drink and eat as natural as possible,and soy is not natural.

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Thanks for your imput. I haven't heard of ko ko milk?


I find the aldi 'specially selected' peppermint tea is soothing and helps me. My dietician says 'no' to soya and I have read that rooibiush is not helpful.


Thank you!


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