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Hi, i have ibs d and twice this week in the evening i have felt very sick. Basically if i burped i felt so sick. i wasnt at all in the end but I literally thought i was going to be and had that feeling of oh great i must have caught a stomach bug. i get the odd feeling of feeling a little bit sick but a mint always makes that go away but it didnt on these occasions.

Does anyone else get this? could the ibs be getting worse or could i even have something else instead of ibs?

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  • ibs doesn't get worse if you experience worsening symptoms you could have a undiagnosed condition this could range from gastroenteritis to acid reflux.

    I have both IBS A & Ulcerative Colitis and i often have bouts of nausea and vomiting that can last for weeks until it settles.

    Definitely check with a doctor if your symptoms persist longer than 3 days which are worsening or interrupt your sleep its often a sign of a condition of concern.

  • Thanks, im hoping to get a drs app tomorrow so will see what they say as i seem to have more days where is bad in the morning.

    Have you been given any tablets to help with the nausea? i literally freak out when im sick so just the thought of it panics me

  • I have been having severe nausea with my IBS over the past year and have had lots of tests which hasn't found anything else. You are not alone so don't worry!

  • What do you do to help get rid of it? how long does it normally last for?

    Mine at the moment just seems to come when i burp, but not every time

  • Well mine came on last Christmas and dissapeard after about two weeks and now has recently came back again :( I am going to the doctors next week to get some tablets, if I can remember right I think I used peppermint tablets last time to help, once I have been to the doctors I will let you know what it is I used to help it

  • Please do keep me posted, thank you so much

  • How are you feeling now? Are you feeling any better at all?

  • So far today its ok. but i would say most days i will feel sick a few times but mainly when i burp. but i do feel really sick when i do it. i hope you managed to get your medicine

  • I'm glad to hear you are feeling ok :) my doctors appointment isn't for a week yet so another week of feeling like this :(

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