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feeling very sick all of a sudden

so yesterday, i ate ALOT of Vienna sausages . i know they're very bad for you , but they taste so good . anyways , i went to bed around 12am & ended up waking up at 4am bc i was having a terrible stomach ache . my stomach aches all the time bc i have ibs & acid reflux, but it has never hurt this much before . the last time i woke up bc of a stomach ache, was when i had the stomach virus about 8 years ago. but when i woke up last night , i felt very bloated & felt like i wanted to throw up . i didn't throw up though , thank god . after about an hour , the pain hurt less & i fell asleep . but then i woke up at 7am w/ bad stomach pain again . could the Vienna sausage be causing all of this?

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It's probably a combination of all those things... Plus, (believe it or not! :) ) your belief that 'they are bad for me' could easily have triggered a physical response and therefore it DID make you sick... Anyway, sorry you went through that pain... good luck to you.


I had to google what a Vienna Sausage was. After doing so I am not surprised you will ill.


I just googled it and found this. So definitely agree with marthaalice.

Anyone vaguely acquainted with this sort of food knows that it’s bad for you—Vienna sausages being a prime example. A five-ounce can contains 300 calories, of which 250 of these are fat, and about one third of that is saturated fat. (Your salt needs are also generously attended to.) This might still be fine if we were talking fresh goose liver. But we’re not. To consume Vienna sausages is to ingest “Mechanically Separated Chicken, Water, Beef, Pork, Salt, Corn Syrup, Less Than 2%: Mustard, Spices, Natural Flavorings, Dried Garlic, Sodium Nitrite.” You don’t want to know this, but mechanically separated meat is taken from a carcass that has been stripped of everything marketable. The tattered remnants are then crushed and mashed and pushed through a sieve. (This is reasonably accurate; methods differ.) The resulting residue—“paste,” let’s call it for the sake of decency—makes its way into pet food and into a few products more or less fit for human consumption

If you have problems with your stomach anyway, why would you put it through this?

Sorry. Hope you soon feel better.

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yes of course its the Vienna sausage making it worse they are full of preservatives and not good stuff.


Most processed foods are full of 'stuff' that are not good for us, most are GMO if not guaranteed organic... and a pkg of regular 'hot dogs' (unless you get the really expensive ones) are no better then Vienna sausages... However, if you are used to eating a really healthy diet of food you have prepared yourself...and not food like Top Ramen, baloney, lots of white bread, canned meals, etc... then yes, its no wonder those little sausages did a trick on you! Hope you feel better by now. Take care.


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