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Hello everybody - I haven't posted on here for a while due to previously thinking my IBS could in fact be endometriosis, thankfully, it was just good ol IBS! My concern now is that I always seem to have a hot head or a mild headache that doesn't go! Obviously I know what healthy feels like and I haven't been feeling that way since being diagnosed with IBS! I work in an office staring at a computer screen for about 7-8 hours a day, this could be a factor but I just wanted to know if anybody else suffers with headaches/hot heads? Thank you x

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  • Have you had your eyesight tested recently, even if you dont normally have glasses the time you are spending infront of the screen can be detremental to your eyesight. Eyestrain can cause headaches- i get them when im due for new glasses.

  • I wear glasses for long distance eyesight but that's it! Thank you 

  • I suffer this too, I have a headache most of the time & quite often wake up with one. My eyes have been tested & my prescription is correct too (I also work in front of a computer screen for 7/8 hours a day) 

  • Maybe it's just the computers then! I must admit, I don't feel as bad on the weekends

  • I still get headaches on weekends too

  • I also work at a computer screen for the same amount of time.  I had my eyes tested as I had difficulty seeing the computer screen and now have screen glasses - they are a godsend.  This should rectify your problem.

    Best of luck

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