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Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired


A year ago I had a Gastro bug and have never recovered - my symptoms fluctuate but the main ones are: Loose stools (daily), Diarrhea (most days!), bloating, Nausea, Dizziness, abdominal pain, and Extreme Fatigue....

I have had all tests (endoscopy,colonoscopy,ultrasound) all come back "fine" and I have been diagnosed with Post Infectious IBS and told to try the FODMAP diet - it doesn't work. I have tried Symprove and the Anti Candida diet. I don't eat diary or gluten and have gone sugar free - nothing works :( I get bad trapped wind too...

I am sick and tired of...well being sick and tired!! Last night I had a flare up of painful D and today I am pale, lethargic and dizzy... I am exhausted all the time and it is affecting my mental health and emotions.... I am struggling to function some days and regularly get "brain fog" - that is the most horrible feeling!! any advice would be amazing Thank you

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Jees that's bad ......sorry to hear that

Is,there,nothing you can eat without problems ?.......that's where you have to retreat back to unfortunately.......

Also the emotional,stress of your condition will be affecting things ......

You need help,to find that platform to,start from and get those emotions stabilised and confident in that starting point ....then test and build slowly on it ......

So,sorry to hear where you are at this moment ....but with help it will get better



Please ask for a Dysbiosis test. I spent over four years having test after test and very ill. Looked nine months he pregnant with twins and so much pain. I did ALL the eating plans with no avail. Finally moved country and diagnosed in 24 hours. F Yu want to know more don't hesitate to contact me.


Hi denvajade, can I ask what a Dysbiosis entails?. I've been unwell for about 4 years now, had lots of tests, I have divaticulitus, and IBS D, I've tried all the probiotics, fodmaps, gluten free and lactose free, but to no avail. I'm at my wits end what to do next. My doctor has lost interest I think, and I'm so sick and tired of ......being sick and tired. I live in England. I just want my life back. Thank you in advance


Hi there it is when the bad bacteria take over your gut, therefore you don't matabolise your food and it ferments inside you,generally every time you eat you blow up and get very uncomfortable, I blew up huge and got bigger as the day went on. Before I got diagnosed I went on strong garlic tablets 2 a day and 1 strong probiotic at night. It helped a little, but on arriving in Australia I saw a specialist who diagnosed immediately and put me on antibiotics designed strictly for the gut, I take 3 a day, I did that for 2 months then 1 month of 500 million strength probiotic . I improved greatly but slowly came back so I am now back on the antibiotics and doing fabulous. The bad bacteria live and multiply off carbohydrates so those need to be illuminated.

I have smoothies with protein shake and a little fruit, berries, 1/2 frozen banana with a little milk. I make pancakes from two beaten eggs then add a spoon full of cornmeal and mix, half cook then put fruit on one side flip it over and have yoghurt or ricotta cheese. I make protein balls with peanut butter in them. Eggs for breakfast and 1 slice of the "cheapest white bread" and that has no effect on me. Sweet potato and broccoli and fish fine.

Sounds boring but it is worth it.

Keep in touch as to how you go!

Wishing you well

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Meant to add I still use lactose free milk.

Have you put on or lost weight?


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