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I've been given fybogel and it worked for a day and a bit (2 BMs) but then stopped working - any ideas what i can do about this? For the time it worked my BMs were really nice but they've gone back to being hard rabbit droppings now even though i've kept the dosage the same (actually increased it to 3 yesterday) Is there a possibility that I need very high dietary fibre AS WELL AS the supplement in order for it to work?! If not, would using both fybogel and magnesium citrate in conjunction with each other work?

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  • Diverticulitis?

  • is that slow transit? or something different?

  • Nasty little pockets in colon

  • Have you had any investigations..e.g. Scans etc 2find out why u are so constipated?

  • I had some last year but they got distracted with an ovarian cyst so no answers - i'm having some again soon hopefully

  • I've decided it's all a bit trial and error, and what works one time might not the next... and then it all depends on what you've eaten as well and in my case the time of the month! I use movicol and fibergel and mix it up a bit. fiber to make me go maybe one in the morning and 2 movicol before bed and possibly another at lunch time if things are really bad- that works for a bit then I swap them round a bit.

  • Yes, absolutely, you are very correct about needing a lot of fiber AND drink a LOT of WATER (other liquids don't count). If you eat a lot of meat, (or cheese) it sometimes causes constipation because meat as 0% fiber in it... I am surprised that your Dr didn't tell you about a high fiber diet and drinking a lot of water! Anyway, best of luck to you!

  • I do eat quite a lot of meat actually so that may make it worse - I used to drink loads of water but found it went straight through and didn't help the C - maybe now that i've got the extra fibre i need the water will be absorbed? Also I can't seem to find any reliable information on whether tea and coffee make C better or worse - do you know? x

  • Coffee or tea shouldn't hurt fact coffee usually works as a bowel stimulant for many in the mornings. However, neither tea or coffee take the place of just plain water... Coffee actually can work like a diuretic and make you pee a lot. Just try more water...maybe start with 4 glasses that hold 8oz every day to begin with...

  • I do generally drink enough I think but maybe it would still help to increase it - yes i've found that after a few cups of coffee in the morning i get diarrhoea which is then back to constipation by mid afternoon 😂😂😂 its so hopeless!

  • There are 2 types of fibre,soluble and insoluble. Those little packets never worked for me,in fact made my problem worse

    I changed to soluble fibre,changed my life ! Google soluble fibre and get a list of soluble fibre foods

  • Update: I've been taking it 10 days and it seems to go in a pattern for working for 2 days and then not working for 2 days?! so weird, any explanations?

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