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Phew I can finally go

Hi everyone, I want to share with the hope it can help even just one person with IBS, I have been recently diagnosed with Chronic IBS after being constipated for six years, I was put on evey laxatives you can name with absolutely no results I was so desperate I resorted to using hot salt water just to make myself go, finally after nearly six years of being ignored I was sent to gastroenterologist who solved my problem of IBS and Diverticular decease within a 45 min appointment, and put me on a new medication called prucalopride which works on the serotonin in the gut, I was given it the 20th October and have been going every day since, I have no bloated tummy I'm not passing wind every few mins, and no longer feel so tired and sluggish. I have a new lease of life. It really is fabulous definitely recommend, one small draw back is, the first time you go is a little unpleasantness with nausea, diahorrea and slight headache, but this lasts for a very short time, but I was told this would happen. I hope this helps. You can only get these from a consultant gastroenterologist. Good luck to you all its one of the most dibilatating things I have gone through being constipated for six years and no one listening to you. .😀

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Hi allyfree, so good to hear you have found relief from your symptoms. For many years I have been posting asking others for advice as I to have IBS -C. Very occasionally I can go to the loo, ( most of the time feel like you did ). My constipation is different from most, as that I some times don't get the urge to go and when I do I hardly pass any stool. Never have the feeling that the stool is stuck and difficult to pass. Could you tell me what your symptom was like? If it is similar I will look into the Prucalopride.


Hi bigbunbun, my symptoms were the same as you're describing, however, I was never able to go without help, but had the same as you but always felt bloated and sickley, where it never felt like anything was there or that I needed to go, when I did go with the help of hot salt water(not recommended it's horrendous and causes bleeding) but that is how desperate I was. The prucalopride is amazing the gastroenterologist told me they're relatively new but with great success to each patient she has given them to. Whilst i do have Diverticular decease too, just being able to go has made an enormous amount of difference to my psychological health because for six years it consumed me daily. I hope this has helped you in some way I really sympathise with you as it is very dibilatating. Good luck. Let me know how it's going and if you have any success take care ☺


Hi allyfree thank you so much for your reply. I do have to take Laxatives, but try to stick to magnesium citrate. I'v had this problem for approx 25yrs now, given up with GP's as they have no idea about this problem. I have paid privately for stool tests, which show low beneficial bacteria and Candida, ( using natural supplements to try and combat this, along with introducing good bacteria ). If, in a couple of months I have no improvement with this regime, I will definitely look into the prucalopride.

I am presently on holiday, a nightmare having to wear swimwear !! to be honest I wish I was at home in my baggy jog bottoms 😟 but it is not fair on my poor husband to miss out. You know what it feels like.

I will defiantly keep you updated with things.

Best bigbunbun3


I in the end resorted in telling my assembly medical minister to get help in getting me to a gastroenterology appointment and it worked I got the appointment . the prucalopride is worth a look at . I hope what you're doing at the moment works as natural is always better than chemical , happy holiday and good luck 😊


Hi thank you, we keep trying different Meds / supplements for a miracle cure, I am so pleased you posted a positive message, makes us all feel that there is hope for feeling better 😎

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