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Sos. there’s something wrong and please help!!


I’ve started feeling this way for about a week. I play a sport, practice 6 days a week and never really worked up and appetite to eat very much anymore. but recently,..

i’ve started to feel very hungry more often, i feel bubbling and movement in my stomach, i have stomach pains (not severe just a sense of discomfort) on the sides of my stomach and rarely the bottom, gassy, and constant bloating.

Could someone please let me know what you think could be wrong before i go to my doctors?

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First thoughts. No food equals slow bowel. Equals gas and discomfort. Hunger equals need more food. But, as always, ask your doctor. You could have worms.

Go. To. Your. Doctor. ASAP! You could have an ulcer!

possibly an ulcer but all of these symptoms , I have had off and on for years with my IBS . I guess I have just gotten very used to it. (I have been checked for ukcer a couple different times and it was negative ) Just try to not think anything horrid is going on, and make a doctor apt. If it is something like an ulcer, it is a quick easy fix. Take good care

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( I meant "ulcer" , not "ulker" . Sorry . LOL !


Mayb u are actually hungry? Have a tiny snack and see if it helps or it could b dehydration so have a glass of water.

I get this alot and it where im so bad for remembering to eat and il get so hungry il get discomfort then il get wind as ur belly is just filling with air and no food so u got a belly full of nothing but air it can b quite uncomfy.

Try this fir couple days if not then go to gp... i think this will work for u so try this first as u dont wana b out on tablets or anything if it something silly like hunger

It sounds like the beginning of IBS. You never mentioned if you suffer constipation or diarrhea. IBS-D, the diarrhea heavy version comes with a significant amount of bloating, gurgling, cramps, and gas. Your increased appetite, in case of IBS-D, would be due to depleting your body of energy from an active lifestyle. The intestines are responsible for absorbing nutrients from food. Simply put, if what you eat doesn't stay in the intestines long enough, your body can't absorb enough nutrients to sustain the energy you use; a supply and demand kind of thing-you don't have the supply to meet the demands.

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