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Whose pain moves round abdomen

Hi you have been so helpful on here but may I ask if anyones pains constantly move. Mine were usually lower left more recently lower right. I have had pains rolling round but this flare it started lower right moved to lower left and now this awful ache right across the bottom between top of pelvic bones. It also goes along the top. The weird thing is it changes position in minutes how can this be. It is freaking me. I think I have said that I have had a lot of tests this year which showed nothing. I have tried all the usual tablets and am at my wits end. I would just like a bit of qol for a change even if it is just for a while. I dont have d or c mainky pain predominant though when I flare I am looser. When I had my first colonoscopy around 50 I had no sedation and it was very painful in places I can remember shouting out in pain. My g.i. said you definitely have ibs sadly now at 65 each flare seems more painful. Wouod be great to know ibs can move quivkly and I am not mad.

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Wind pain like baby colic

Gripe water,gentle massage ,hot water bottle and brandy or whiskey with hot water

Short walj




Yes; if you have a bad flare-up; its the contents of bowel passing over ALL the SORE places.

But do please see GP

S x


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