Where do you get your pain ?

Just wondering where other sufferers get pain with their IBS ? I seem to get mine mainly low down in my abdomen (below my belly button area) & sometimes feels like it is in my bladder area but can also move around from left to right or in the middle. The severity of my pain can also be different, just a dull discomfort sometimes and other times quite painful.

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  • Mine is usually also low, a few inches below the beltline. It generally strikes suddenly, can bring me to my knees in pain and then dissipates in a minute or so. That's a sign to evacuate my bowels ASAP or the pain and bowel problems get worse.

  • Everywhere.... Honestly...

  • Mine is mostly in my left upper side and goes down the left lower side too, but there's also times when it goes to to right side as well. It's often a dull ache that you know is there and can then become a really sharp stabbing pain which stops me in my tracks.

  • Pain just about everywhere! Usually left side high or low in stomach but can radiate around my middle. I either have a very lose stomach/diahorrea and feeling really

    sick, so sick I have to go back to bed. I have awful wind at times too. If I have a better day I then seem to get a really bad back so never feel like doing anything as I'm always so knocked out. I never have really sharp pains just a horrible nasty ache so I can't ever forget that it's there, feels sore. My stomach seems to lurch around with pain moving around hour by hour. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  • similar to me - the nausea is the worst part for me, its pretty much constant!

  • Mine is exactly the same as runwithdogs and the only way to get rid of the pain is to go to the loo. That's when I know I need a top up with the Phenergan I told you about and maybe if it's really bad two Imodium .


  • Does the Imodium increase your pain? I find sometimes it bloats me so bad, causing pain in the same area I usually avoid it.

    As horrible as it is that we're suffering, it's always nice to hear that someone has symptoms like your own.

  • No I can't say it ever made the pain worse and never had the bloating . My ibs was D and due to anxiety/stress . If you go on to my page you can see what I did to help .


  • Mine is usually in the last part of my colon, under my stomach - so painful! I also get trapped wind a lot which tends to be across the top of my abdomen but it can move around

  • Upper for me. My pain feels like I'm having contractions(labor pain).

  • exactly. are you D or C

  • Both.

  • Me too, mostly I would say C but during an attack its a D, which I call 'overspill'.

  • Exactly how mine goes as well. It's horrible!

  • Mine is low down and at times it feels all the way around lower body. My last episode was bad, IBS C, I used my TENS to alleviate the back pain. When the spasms start I get the feeling to go loo but nothing happens, I cant even empty bladder. This will go on for a couple of hours, then I may pass mucus poo and bladder will function. The next day tummy feels like I've swallowed a football, bloated and bruised, Can take a week or two to get back to normal after a severe bout. It always happens in the evening at least once a month or so.

  • Like everyone else mine can be anywhere from under my rib cage to low in my belly and sometimes have terrible wind. Sharp pain only when I need to dash to the Loo!!!! Guess we are all pretty much the same.

  • The pain I usually get follows the descending Colin on the left side, the pain is up and down on that side and not usually across the abdominal. My doctor can actually feel my descending colon spasm, trying to expel, even when there is nothing left in me to expel. I have IBSD.

    I occasionally get bloating and soreness and tenderness and in other places, but actual stop me in my tracks pain is always on my left side. Different people have different parts of their bowels affected, it will be different for everyone. For a lot of people the pain moves around.

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