Can someone help do I need to see a doctor?

Hi my names leah I'm 26 and have 2 children. Last Thursday I had really bad stomach cramps on and off all day but felt fine in myself. Later that night I started on the toliet having diarrhoea and couldn't get off it finally stopped and I took some imodium just so I could sleep. The friday I was fine all day no toliet or anything and just had soup to eat thought it was a bug. The Saturday morning woke up and toliet again. But then I was fine Sunday and Monday and had a normalish bowel movements but tummy still got that bubbling feeling but not in the day. The bubbling feeling starts at night but nothing happens its when I wake up I need to rush to toliet. And that's been like that everyday now. Since last Thursday could this be the start of IBS?

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  • Hello Leah, that really does sound like IBS as I get that bubbling feeling to along with the diarrhea. See how it goes for another week an if it carries on I'd go and see your doctor they will do blood tests to Rilke out anything else but it really does sound like IBS. Are you stressed over anything?? Because that is what sets me stomach off x

  • I dint think I'm stressed about anything but obviously because this is carrying on and it's not like me at all I am now getting anxious and stressed about it all. My mum and other family members suffer from ibs and crohn's disease so bowel problems do run in family. I will give it some more time like u said actually and try not stress over it to much which could be making it worse. I'm scared to eat or know what to eat all I've eaten the last few days is soup and bread I can't even eat a full size meal x

  • I'd give yourself a few days. I find Imodium can sometimes just postpone a problem, and that you just need to give yourself the couple days to stick close to home and clear your system out. Much longer than that and it's worth a trip to your doctor. Stay hydrated.

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