Need Help! Do I have IBS? Or just paranoid?? URGENT :(

Hi! I joined this group as i do not know where else to turn- I am 20 and for the past month my bowels have been acting strange, it started off with constipation- I immeadiatly took stool sofetners and produced my normal bowel movements,yet i relied on these for two weeks, when coming off of them I found constipation to come back, so switch to CosmoCol, which made my stool loose and infrequent and gassy! I went to my doctor as I was worried about a reliance on taking stuff. My doc examined me and apparently everyhing inside was fine- got told to change my diet which I have done, I got blood tests done for my thyroid and it was normal, yet, an iron deficiency was found! Currently I am off laxatives- yet my stool still hasnt returned to normal, I have small urges to go and only a small amount of stool is expelled. Whereas before, I used to go around 2-3 times a day with large/ bulky stools. It is coming up to a month now and is making me feel depressed and anxious as all I think about all day is pooping! It is also making me not want to eat as I am worried it will just not come out properly! Please help :( is this normal or am I just super paranoid, i dont have pains, bloating/gassy only after i eat but not for long, usually when i do feel urge to use the bathroom its alot of gas and small amounts of stool. Thanks for help!

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  • If you have changed your diet, it may take a few weeks for your body to get used to it and for you to become more regular.


  • Thanks Alison! Do you reckon its IBS or just my body coming out of its laxative state? X

  • I can't say as I'm not a doctor. But it may be your body just adapting. I would give it another few weeks and see whether things settle.

  • 2/3 weeks is fairly normal for things to settle after a change in diet

    If you think you are intolerant of a food group only leave that out of your diet for 2/3 weeks keeping a food and symptom diary to monitor any changes

    Leaving more than 1 food group out at a time could give a false result

  • Hi SSSCCC. CHADD IBS NETWORK, You may feel that you are paranoid, but that may not necessarily be the case depression can be caused by many reasons and yours is one of them when a person begins to get symptoms that are related possibly to another health issue it is easy to become depressed the only three people who can help you are , yourself, your GP and possibly a counsellor, your GP will be able to tell you what support is on offer, I myself have only recently been diagnosed with IBS and Diverticular disease I have also in the past suffered from depression and I had to see my G.P. who put me on anti depressants for my nerves because I had a nervous breakdown after my divorce, it is easy for someone to say go and get help,but it is harder to do when you don't know who to turn to. I have always been assertive and stubborn I am not the kind of person who gives in this is because I have always had to fend for myself,but there are times in every persons life when they need extra support the support is there provided that you know how to get the support and from where to get it. A lot of young people get depression and other anxiety problems you are not alone people tend to believe that anxiety and depression is a mental health disorder and that it only happens in old age these are a common fallacy. To be worried is a natural thing in an approach to health issues it is a sign that you are ready to seek help, I sought help and I am feeling a lot better because I did so.

    I hope this is helpful


  • If you have an iron deficiency has your doctor given you iron supplement -I believe that can cause constipation? Go back to your doctor and get some advice that will help you. Fibogel and yakult are very good for constipation I have found - one is a fibre supplement and one is a probiotic.

  • I havent started taking the iron yet as I am worried- im now worried of a potential prolapse causing the thin stools?

  • You have been examined but you could ask for a barium Xray to examine your gut properly if you are worried, I think a doctor would have found a prolapse if you were examined down below, but a barium x ray of your gut might be reassuring. If not then could be you just had an upset stomach and it hasnt calmed dowm yet. Try yakult which is very good maybe? It is a probiotic. Symprove some people find helpful as well.

    If you want to go to the loo more easily then you could investigate the squatty potty which has a wierd name but is a platform that makes straining less likely and you may find that you are more relaxed, It just puts the body in a more natural position for elimination of stool (poo). Maybe you are getting tense and anxious and that is making things worse?

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