Where does it all come from?!

Sorry in advance for the tmi graphic content but after a really bad day with ibs-d today I'm just perplexed as to how there is so much poop inside me! I didn't go yesterday and today woke up feeling pretty gross, had a normal bm this morning then started feeling anxious as I had lots to do today and I could tell my stomach was going to be bad. 5 toilet trips later (3 in public toilets!) I just don't know how it's possible. My tummy is still bubbling now. Sorry again if tmi but does anyone else ever feel like this?! Planning a busy bank holiday weekend and just hope I'm going to be ok :/ 

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  • Thats i bs for you.one dauy normal then next starts ok but quickly develop in to urgent loose bms...possible to tra el on buses or trains

  • This is exactly me. Normal for weeks sometimes then bam, can't leave the loo :/ 

  • Hi there, Lil Bee! I hope you are feeling better. Kinda had to laugh a bit when you asked 'where is it all coming from!?' .... because I have asked that same question quite a few times... Sometimes you wonder if you have a 'secret bowel passage' that just operates once in awhile! :) I think that maybe when what we eat gets loaded down with so much water that it all just doubles in size (sometimes) ... Well, so much for my 'logical' answer... Basically, still, tiz a mystery... :/ Take care!

  • You could be right Betty. As grim as it sounds I guess if you don't go for a day or two you do get build up but yesterday was just ridiculous. We have a day out planned with my little boy today and I just hope it'll all go ok. Includes an hour car journey on the motorway so can't afford any problems :/ 

  • If busy banana s and hard boiled eggs and rice  as a temporary blocking measures

  • Rice sometimes sets me off! 

  • Something I ask myself all the time... and the same as you, worse when anxious.  I have in the past (at the recommendation of GP) taken a preemptive loperamide  (imodium) when I know I know things are likely to be tough.

    I have a couple of trips away on business soon & a course, which includes flying up to Edinburgh and the a hour taxi to office / hotel - I know this is gonna set me off.  The thought of having symptoms when with work colleagues is also making me anxious.  Think I might end up creating a kind of feedback loop of anxiousness & symptoms if I'm not careful.

  • This is exactly what has happened to me Marty. I've pre-empted anxiousness so many times that I've actually made myself anxious. Now I've developed these weird habits like having to use the loo as soon as I arrive somewhere just to feel 'safe'. Immodium doesn't always work for me :/ I'm sure your trip will be fine, these things are often worse in our minds than they are in real life. Let me know how you get on X 

  • Course was fine, just waiting for the exam results. The exam was the worse bit - as soon as test conditions were applied I had cramps & urgency - but managed to use a bit of mindfullness mediation to get through it. Another anxiety reaction I guess

    Trip to Edinburgh has been postponed, maybe I should just explain to colleagues what may happen... just so embarrassing to talk about.

    Also now have the school assembly season starting. I wonder (& so does the Mrs) of sometimes there is a level of panic

    where is the nearest loo..there..better go now!


    there is the loo... don't know when I'll be able to go again...off I go...

  • Hi I have IBS-D every day, no let up for me unless I take Colpamin. I often wonder where it all comes from as I hardly eat . Hope it all works out ok

  • Ha. So very true.   When my flare-ups are bad and urgent it's amazing the sheer volume of waste I can produce.  I once had a near accident while hiking and my partner had to be my lookout while I  pooped in a ditch. He accidentally looked over when he was passing me papers (literal papers because I didn't have tissue :() and he was speechless at the volume.  Though other flare-ups that don't have the urgency I feel gutty but can't produce much of anything.  

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