How do i not eat in front of a large crowd?

So the other day I unfortanatly had to eat which I hate. There was a big crowd and they would notice if I was hiding my food. But now my parents are making me food at home which I hate :/ yesterday my nan made me a sandwich. I ripped a large chunk of it off, flattend it then put it on the inside of my sandwich. Of course it made it look like I ate it and she belived me. She thinks that this anorexia will go away if I just eat but It won't. I can't eat. I've tried but I just can't. I was force fed once which I hated and soon after I made myself throw up the food. I mean I can trick people into thinking I'm fine with all the fake smiles and stuff. But I don't want my family finding out I've stopped eating again. I forced myself to eat when I was in the resraunt hateing myself the more I ate. I couldent hide my food because it was so crowded. If my family didn't notice other people sure will. Which is why I'm asking people for tips on not eating in front of people. I usally cut the food up in tiny peices, discract my family while talking and then pushing the food I cut behind or inside other foods on the plate until it looks like I've eaten. I mean they are that botherd about eating their own food that they think I'm eating too and all in doing is moving my food around the plate and cutting it up. But i coukdent do that because i was in a crowded place. People would notice. Anyway has anyone got any tips on how to not eat in front of people? Secretly not eat while in a large crowd?

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  • Please get urgent help for your food problems before you get to the point of no return. Go to your GP. No one will make you eat they will just help you.

  • I can relate to i had anorexia 40 years ago when i wanted to be a horse race jockey....and ended up on feeding tubes...fortunately..over the years i changed career path and lifestyle directions from living on liquids..which unfortunately included alcohol..which i dont consume at all now...

    But as for eating in public..i still dont like it..and even though I had to psychollogically be retrained about eating and nourishment i still lose appetite instantly if anyone gives me a big plate of food to eat...preferring to eat small portions 10 times a day if necessary or from cooking pots on the cooker...

    I am not sure if you are male or female but i am male in my 60's and only advice is to learn to love yourself and know you eat for yourself and you alone to live...find happy mediums to get comfort zones and well done for sharing wirh us here..hope we can learn from.each other as we go along as a forum...

  • I can't seem to love myself because I can't stand the way I look

  • Actually, it's not a case of "getting over yourself" - speaking as a sufferer in my teens (fine now) and with a 30 year old daughter who manages to live her life and work whilst constantly fighting this insidious mental illness, it is not a life choice. It has the highest mortality of any mental illness and you cannot get better on your own. You first of all need to WANT to get better and the longer you resist help, the harder it is to recover. All the very best and your family will be very worried about you.

  • I have tried but everyday its getting harder for me to eat what's on the plate I can't stand even looking at food never mind eating it. I have no appetite at all so when I see it In front of my I try and slowly get rid of it without people noticeing. it's a lot easier at home but In public it's a diffrent story. Thanks binks :) x

  • I've tried to get help it isn't working though I can't stand eating :|

  • Please understand anorexia is a mental health's not just a case of pulling yourself together as you seem to be suggesting. As for your later comment regarding thinking of other people instead of yourself, when mental illness hits you don't think rationally.......your thinking doesn't look at the bigger picture. It's not that you are thinking only of yourself and disregarding everyone else, your brain doesn't allow ordered thought. I think you are being extremely harsh on someone who is obviously going through a very difficult situation

  • This is not the group for you

    You have an eating disorder which is definitely not the same as IBS

    You've obviously had medical treatment before and either you get treatment or you will slowly get worse

  • This is an IBS site, not a site for anorexics! You need to find another site that deals with your issues, although it doesnt seem like you want help , you just want to know tricks to help to hide your condition! Very sad and I feel so sorry for your poor family who are only doing the best for you & you are just slagging them off. Why dont you try and think what you are doing to them for a second & how it could impact them. Most people on this site are in horrendous pain and discomfort & suffering continuously and here you are actually making yourself ill on purpose-thats not going to go down well on a site like this, where all we want is to be well.

  • She/he isn't making herself ill on purpose. She/he has a condition that she/he needs help with, maybe she/he is in the wrong forum but no need for you to be so abrupt, maybe this was a desperate decision to make and this is the first place she/he saw and just went for it.

    No harm is being done to you by this person posting here.

  • I absolutely agree with you - not the right site but this is an illness and part of it is the compulsion to carry on starving/purging yourself. Getting help is a nightmare in the UK but unless the sufferer wants to be helped it's futile. There is such a lot of misunderstanding here - but definitely not the right place to seek help.

  • One of the problems with anorexia is that yes you starve your self but you either die/become really seriously ill which culminates with life changing conditions

    But also later can balloon in weight as the bodies system change way metabolise foods so instead of burning it as energy just stores it.

    So do go and seek some serious help when i say serious i don't mean someone to say hi/hello but some one/somewhere that can take you in hand and deal with your issues.

    So sit down sometime soon and take a good look at yourself learn about you/yourself and what makes you tick also what desires do you or did in life?

    So find yourself then others can find you.

    But i was always instilled one great piece of priceless thought/info etc

    Is before anyone can help you you have to help yourself as if your not prepared to help yourself then no one else can!

    But don't castigate your parents as your there off spring they want the best for you and many parents give up so much to raise good/decent children many go without food/clothes and more just so there child has a roof/warmth and food to eat.

    So do sit down and think of your actions/intentions and do seek some help before you get to the edge of no return!

  • Hi Is this a problem when you are with people are can you eat on your own ?

    I had a slight problem once and it was because someone was defo waching me-

    He asked me why dont I like someone waching me eat. He was too intense in the relationship. In the end I asked why would he want to watch a person eat ?

    SHURELY the problem was his !

    While this is not the site for this problem ( we want to eat everything but cant) do you know what started this off ?

    My doughter had this at one time BUT she was mollested by her grandad on my exs side.

    Are you getting help ?

    Whilst this is not the site- I am here for you!

    Every Blessing And God Bless you and Keep you X

  • Thank you! And what a horrible thing your daughter had to go though I'm sorry to hear that I hope shes ok! My problem is when I look in the mirror all I see it fat. I look discusting. I NEED to get rid of so It constantly exercise everyday but whatever I do its never good enough. It's horrible. X

  • Hi PLEASE will you seek help ASAP - I am a bit overwight but its not actually bothering me-I need this extra 7lbs for when I fall ill cos it comes off too quick-its best to be overwight than under.

    Your hair will start to fall out and you will age too quick if you dont look after yourself.

    PLEASE will you seek help and let us know how you get on.

    Some people on here have some good advise and even telephone help nos for you-please take their advise

    GB x

  • Ok I will do if that is what some of you people want. I'll post an update soon maybe....

  • Yes please do keep us posted; I am a 57 yearold Na na of 2.

    Please look after yourself and allow others to help you too

    Every Blessing and Love x

  • Of course :)

  • Please seek professional help and ignore the horrible comments that some people have made on here. This is not the right forum for you to get the support you need. is the UK's eating disorder charity. They have forums and a number that you can ring to speak to people that will be able to help you.

    Please contact them and let them help you. xx

  • Hi thanks for all the lovely comments! Sorry I had to make a new account -_-' anyway I have tried to get help but I keep falling back to the same routine as before (not eating and constently exersiseing) I don't really know what to do anymore tbh

  • Please call the helpline and get someone to help you again. (0345 634 7650) I used to have an eating disorder, I hid it for years but then made a decision to deal with it. I got help again and again and would be OK for a while and then relapse. I had times where, like you I didn't really know what to do any more. But I kept going and got help again and got some therapy and I finally rid myself of it. Please keep trying, you can do it. xx

  • Here is the helpline number you can call - 0345 634 7650. Please call them and let them help you xx

  • You have other self esteem issues to deal with the help line number provided and embrace the positive comments a person ... and only you.....have to want to come to terms with your own issues...

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