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what to take

I have ibs and not so much bloating but do get a stretched feeling in stomach (like when you have drank loads of water b4 getting scan)but does not get easier when I pee sometimes I just pass a thimble full of urine have been given dicyloverine told take 3 times a day when required but symptoms just come and go so fast they make no difference as I have looked at buscopan but it just says take when have cramp which I don't get any ideas thanks

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Have you tried colofac?? Sometimes it calms my i b s down but i.m afraid theres no miracle cure.x


i was badly bloated to the stage where i looked like i was pregnant , i have 1 cup of peppermint tea a day now and my bloating is not as bad , i get colofac ,colpermin ibs relief capsules peppermint oil , if thats any help x

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