Omprazole. Safe to take?

Hello there,

Have been taking buscopan,10mg, 4 times a day, for some years now. Read that you should only take these for a short period, the medical advise given online.

Spoke to my doctor about this and she didn't seem worried that I was taking them, and four a day at that. Know they are to control stomach spasms so just wondering, despite what my doctor said, I ought to try and reduce my reliance on them, and should I try to come off them completely.

Have all the advice about natural remedies and diet. Following that. Just need to know if taking these drugs on a regular basis could be having a detrimental effect upon my body, so if I can, to clean my body of as many of these tablets, maybe all, and see if that doesn't cause any spasms? Any advice on this?

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  • Hi Lydia I take them everyday it's the only thing that helps my pain .Have tried other things and they make it worse

  • I've reduced these tablets down to two a day as the GP suggested I should. There's a slight cough now but use gaviscon advance for that. Need to exercise more to rid me of the stress that is causing my body problems.... Glad they are helping you in your difficulties. That's the essential thing ..

  • Thankyou so much for replying Lydia I really appreciate it.How are you now with your Ibs?

  • It's eased somewhat. The discomfort in my stomach isn't so bad now. How long have you been diagnosed with IBS? Seems to be connected with stress mostly? Tying knots in your tummy. Do hope it's not too bad in your case?

  • Had it about 20 years now but I started with a thyroid problem 4 yrs ago and it as got worse since then It seems as though a lot of people with thyroid problems suffer with Ibs.

  • Yeah. There was a post on this forum about a place you can get a blood test done, via a finger prick droplet sent to them, to analysise that to check on your thyroid health. About £99. Think I'll look into that. You can't always get the blood tests needed on the NHS. How do you cope with your ailments...?

  • I find it very hard to cope most days .Have been thinking about having private blood test done but not sure how to go about it

  • My knowledge on these subjects is sparse but if you keep reading people's posts there's lots of information on there. Good luck with whatever you decide...

  • Hi, I'm new to the site so I've only just seen your thread - have you got anywhere else with your health and Omeprazole?

    I suffer with ibs (since 2012) but have also suffered with heartburn for a few years now, I take 20mg Omeprazole daily and would be lost without it, if I forget then I'm soon reminded by the arrival of acid reflux! It is great for preventing that but as for my ibs, it doesn't touch that at all. Hope this helps and I hope you're feeling more like yourself :)

  • Yeah. Feeling better now, thanks. Glad to hear that omeprazole is working for you. Once you find a tablet that soothes the problem you're onto a winner.. good luck with that..

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