Omprazole. Safe to take?

Hello there,

Have been taking buscopan,10mg, 4 times a day, for some years now. Read that you should only take these for a short period, the medical advise given online.

Spoke to my doctor about this and she didn't seem worried that I was taking them, and four a day at that. Know they are to control stomach spasms so just wondering, despite what my doctor said, I ought to try and reduce my reliance on them, and should I try to come off them completely.

Have all the advice about natural remedies and diet. Following that. Just need to know if taking these drugs on a regular basis could be having a detrimental effect upon my body, so if I can, to clean my body of as many of these tablets, maybe all, and see if that doesn't cause any spasms? Any advice on this?


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