Bloating 24/7 7 days a week!

Please please please can someone help me. I have such severe bloating and can't even remember the last time I felt confident in myself. I wake up looking and feeling pregnant which carries on throughout the day till the evening when my bloating is awful. I am only a uni student so I should be going out more but I just get so embarrassed with my tummy and I cry like every night cause of it. I used to be underweight because I made an effort to lose 3 stone in 2014 so I have intentionally gained 2 stone at uni (i now have my period back and i'm a healthy weight) but my IBS is getting worse and worse. I'm so upset

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  • I feel your pain, physically and emotionally. I have had people ask 'when are you due? Is it your first?,

    It knocks your confidence, and you are in pain .... In every way. You lock yourself up even though you know you are funny intelligent, sexy and want to have fun!

    This can be resolved, I promise. I have faced it and am conoring the dreaded preggers belly.

    Have you considered looking into FODMAP?

    Contact me if you need support. X

  • Conquering sorry. You are not alone and you have a friend here to help

  • Wow thank you so much. Yes i have seen a dietitian who told me to do FODMAP but i'm sure you know what im talking about when doctors keep prescribing medication and you just cant be bothered anymore! so i haven't tried FODMAP simply because i have lost hope :( My friends don't understand and think im "skinny" im really not underneath! i'm so used to the feeling and appearance that i know which clothes flatter me now (mostly oversized and baggy). I really hope we can get proper help. thanks for your support xxx

  • You don't need medication. You can sort this out by a difference in eating and talking, and more importantly support. FODMAP seams very confusing at first and to be honest a while unill you get used to it.

    Would you like to talk perhaps? X

  • Do try Fomaps it's so much better than any medications.

  • Thank you, i will try it :) x

  • What is FODMAP

  • It stands for Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols. Basically, it is a list of "IBS safe" foods, these types of foods do not irritate your bowel as much as other types. Usually, you should do it for about a month then slowly re-introduce foods you used to eat and take note of any effects on your body. If you search FODMAP diet plan online you can see the types of foods that are less irritable to your tummy xx

  • It took me ages to realise oversized clothes actually made me feel worse! The truth is taking control gives you the confidence back. And makes feel sexy and proud.

    This seems like a long reach. And It so hard to share with girlfriends. Let alone a partner. It is what is happening deep in your tummy, before you leave home and at night! In your head and heart all the time.

    You can sort it out. X

  • can we talk? over facebook maybe or email, whatever u prefer? x

  • Yes absolutely, email xx

  • Have you seen a Dr? If your bloating never subsides you should get checked out I think.

  • Hey, yes i have seen a doctor multiple times, i have had an MRI of my bowel, i have seen a gasroenterologist , had blood tests and seen a dietician. Apparantly, it is constipation but i dont know what to do relly because my diet is full of whole-grain high fibre food and i drink 3l of water a day.

  • Fibre can be a real problem for some IBS sufferers. In an ideal world we should eat apparently 30g/day. It is the cause of a lot of our symptoms - in some people. Have you read "Irritable Bowel Solutions" by Prof John Hunter - he has a section on fibre and malfermentation. It's the best IBS book I have read, and based on scientific fact. I struggled with flaxseeds for ages thinking it was good for my IBS - in actual fact it caused many of my symptoms.

  • Wow! strange isnt it that we are recommended to eat more fibre for constipation but it really creates more problems. Thank you, i think fibre is the problem because i eat a lot of high fibre foods like wholegrains and vegetables. Will start cutting down and have a look at that book xx

  • I agree with what has been said, I had bloating for years. I could never wear anything with a waistband. After 2 years of seeing my GP and every medication known to man including antibiotics and antidepressants !! I visited my local natural health clinic. A few simple things have changed my life. 1. I drink around 8 cups of peppermint tea every day 2. I have given up bread 3 I walk 10,000 steps a day without fail 4. I take bio kult probiotics I am a different person. I think the biggest one is swapping caffeine for peppermint tea. I would suggest anyone with bloating perseveres with this.

  • Thanks! i drink 3 cups of green tea a day, but would you say peppermint tea is more pain relieving? I used to run quite a lot but i really cant anymore, the pain is too much. So i think i will do some light walking for an hour a day. I always considered pro-biotics but have never tried them! Thank you so much xxx

  • Definitely swap green tea for peppermint. It will help I promise. Also cut right back on all grains, I too suffer with constipation but once I gave up the high fibre foods it improved. I do eat oats and have flax seeds but you need to be careful with those. It really is trial and error but most people with bloating benefit from cutting back on wheat and caffeine, if you do suffer with constipation I do find that activia yogurts help me. Light walking especially in the middle of the day gets your gut working and will benefit you no end. Please let us know how you get on. X

  • Wow for sure will swap to peppermint tea!! WIlling to do anything! Yeah oats really mess me up for some reason, gives me awful indigestion and soo much bloating. What do you think of pro biotic tablets? I also eat a vegan diet so it is quite difficult to give up high fibre foods :( i want to try FODMAPS but im not patient enough :( and it seems very limited :( Thank you so much i cant explain how much i appreciate this!! xx

  • I have tried lots of different probiotics and on their own I don't think they help me that much but some people on here have reported amazing results so definitely worth trying, and they may have contributed to me feeling better so I keep taking them. Someone on here recommended Bio-Kult from Holland and Barret which seem to be very good, expensive but if they help then worth it. I too can't cope with the low food map diet. I have 4 children to cook for so to avoid wheat I do things like have rice when they have pasta and buy myself gluten free bread etc and this along with the tea, exercise and probiotics seems to be enough of a change in my diet to control the bloating, my one daughter is vegetarian so we eat a lot of vegetarian food but vegan is a Little trickier I guess but avoiding wheat isn't too difficult once you get used to it. Quinoa is wheat free, as are potatoes we eat a lot of those. It really is trial and error. I can't tolerate apples for instance, I am bloated and doubled up within minutes but some people can. Rule out anything medical and read as much as you can on ibs is my advice. There are some good books on ibs. Irritable Bowel Solutions by Dr John Hunter is a good place to start or IBS for Dummies.

  • Thankk you soso much!! honestly appreciate it so much, will try to cut it out :) xxx

  • Hi! just went and bought some peppermint tea, it is my second cup and it really is calming my tummy! thank you! x

  • Mine is vegan and it has the right Prebiotic and Probiotic ratio we need. It's called Sunbiotics and is chewable and is chocolate flavored. I got mine on Amazon

  • Great thank you! Have you seen any improvement?

  • Very much. I take one in the morning as soon as I get up whenever I am having symptoms

  • Great thanks! im glad your feeling better! x

  • Hi! just went out and bout some probiotics. The ones i got are actually a prebiotic and probiotic and i can already feel an improvement! (i have been to the toiled twice today! it is like all the toxins are getting released!)

  • What helped me is cutting out all grains and alcohol

  • Really! ok thank you so much, i dont dring much, but i do tend to eat a lot of wholegrain, high fibre foods because i have IBS-C and it is meant to reduce constipation. But i think it is making it worse to be honest.

  • I read an article from Dr. Axe and he said to put a drop or two of oregano oil, frankincense oil, tarragon oil, and/or clove oil in a glass of water before each meal for the bloating. :-)

  • Thank you so much!!

  • Ask your doctor about dysobisis it's is a condition where your food does not digest properly and ferments in the gut and small bowel, it then gets bacteria in it, needs to be treated with hospital supplied antibiotics then hospital supplied probiotics. It must be treated and insist on a test, I have gone from 9 months pregnant with twins for three and half years to normal. Yeah!

  • Have you looked into the possibility that you have SIBO? Bloating is the main symptom but it is not widely recognised by the medical profession. It is likely you would have to do your own research and pay for tests but in my own experience it was very well worth it. I am SO much better after many years of suffering like you. Good luck.

  • Wow i havent considered that actually! i thought my bloating was due to constipation but i will check it out and do some research, thank you very much! so glad you are feeling better xxx

  • I have just researched into this and the symptoms sound very very similar to mine. Thank you! i will be sure to mention it to my doctor on my next visit!

  • I hope you are lucky with your doctor. Mine had not heard of SIBO. My consultant was not aware of any tests for SIBO & in the end I used a specialist clinic which does the tests by post. In the meantime I agree with others who have recommended a low FODMAP Diet. This has also helped me, and although it is restricted its worth it if it helps symptoms.

  • Hello,

    I suffer with very similar symptoms, and the most frustrating things is, I have a six pack that I never get out and constantly cover because I have more bloated days than good! I have found the FODMAP diet and green/peppermint tea helpful with the symptoms, as well as avoiding processed foods (so hard when your revising or studying, I always want Cola and Dorritos in the build up to exams!) and too much caffeine (I love real coffee so much but it kills my insides). Probiotics have also made a huge difference and I avoid alcohol completely now (designated driver #1!). Also, not allowing stress or anxiety to rule your life - it can be hard when you have lots of things going on, but taking time out to unwind is so important.

    Good luck, hope you find a solution.

  • Thats really helpful advice! thank you so much! a lot of people have said FODMAP is good, i must try it! :) hope your 6 pack shows soon! xx

  • There are only so many things that cause these symptoms. If you have seen a gastroenterologist and had inflammatory bowel (crohns and ulcerative colitis) ruled out, you have an infection. You need to have a comprehensive stool analysis done. In the meantime,

    -avoid all grains, except for rice which is usually well tolerated (yes this means wheat, corn, barley etc.)

    -avoid other very starchy foods, such as potatoe-some people need to avoid fruits

    -avoid all added sugars except for honey if you must sweeten

    -take a good digestive enzyme (or three) each time you eat-take a betaine hydrochloride (gastric acid) supp every time you eat meat

    --take a probiotic, preferably one with multiple strains twice a day

    -make sure you push your doc to fully test your stool multiple (3) times at lesst for parasites and bacterial infections. there are labs in the usa such as doctors data or metametrix that do exceedingly thorough stool analysis, your doc might hook up with them (can be used worldwide)

    -see if your doc will do a trial of antibiotics, if it helps, it is good evidence for an infection

    IBS IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS, just a description of symptoms

    Best of luck

  • Hi I have infact had a stool sample taken and nothing was found. I will still take the advice you have suggested because I am willing to try anything!! Thank you for your concern xo

  • I suffered with terrible bloating. Often my abdomen felt so stretched like it would burst. I too had followed a high fibre diet for over 35 years. In January this year my gp recommended fodmap. I got enough information online to give it a go. I have never looked back. Yes it has meant choosing to give up foods and routines that I loved. And yes it took a week or so for my bm routine to adjust. But it has been SO worth it. I have a flat tummy and a lot less abdominal pain. My main culprits: bread, pulses, the onion family and All Bran but it's an individual thing. I would say there's little to lose by looking in to fodmap - could even be exciting. Best wishes, sue

  • This is an old post, but I had the same severe bloating. it went on like a switch as soon as a woke and I would bloat up 2 dress sizes in an hour.

    I have got rid of this and my IBS.

    If you are still having the same problem, reply to me and I will try and help you.

    I have set up an IBS blog that you may find of interest:


  • Thanks for the reply, I will check out your blog, do you have any advice to stop bloating and fullness? thanks Alison x

  • Where are you feeling the bloating., NailQueen? Is it up high under the diaphragm, low down, or elsewhere?


  • Pretty much in my whole belly, but yeah mostly at the top. Tends to be quite hard.

  • It took me time to get out of that mess. The first big step is to realize that when IBS gets this bad, it is urgent to put your health first and really tuning into your body.

    To start with I found using essential oils a godsend. I used them topically (absorption through the skin) You can find more details in this post

    For me, I found that underneath all that bloating was essentially a neuromuscular reaction to tension and stress. It was like my nerves and muscles were cramping, reacting to my triggers. Triggers may be food, but look out for others too:

    Stress management was a vital key.

    I would suggest you get checked out for Candida (breath tests). I had Candida going on without realizing it for years.

    To get a boost, I would suggest seeing a Reiki practitioner for a few sessions. This energy work can offload some of the tension in your body.

    Hope some of this helps you.


  • THANK YOU!!! XXX appreciate all that advice! x

  • This post is very helpful to me because I am currently suffering from constant bloating 24/7 and it seriously messing with my head every moment. I was also underweight for almost 2 years and recently gained about 20 lbs in the past 7 months. I wonder if that has something to do with my digestive issues. I think I will try the FDMAP diet. I love how everyone is so kind and supportive here!

  • very similar to my situation Joe! I hope we get better soon x

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