I started taking Mebeverine three times a day before I went on holiday, in the hopes it would stop my stomach being upset whilst away. Previously I have only taken it intermittently.

It worked, I have a couple of stomach aches, but they didn't amount to anything.

Now I am home, I have decided to continue with the regular medication. However today I have had an upset stomach, back to my usual discomfort.

Do I expect to regularly still get upset stomachs? I presume the medication will not completely alleviate the IBS?

Experiences and opinions please. Thank you.

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  • Mebeverine didn't work for me but it's still one of the first drugs you are recommended to try so it must work for some people. Mebeverine is an anti-spasmodic so it should stop the gut going into overdrive when you eat; I'm not sure how effective is could be for treating stomach pains, though, unless those pains are associated with spasms...

    You might have found that your IBS got better over the holiday because you were more relaxed and had escaped all the stresses and anxieties your probably having to deal with now you're back home. Drugs like mebeverine can really only help you manage the IBS, not cure it. Continue on the same regimen for a little longer if you like, but if it's not working to your satisfaction (again noting that no medication will likely offer a complete fix) go back to your doctor and see if you can try a different drug. There are plenty out there and it's often a process of trial and error seeing which ones work for each patient.

    Have you also considered any other ways of treating your stomach pain. Have you looked at diet or counselling for instance?

  • I don't need counselling as the majority of pain is from food intolerances. I avoid in the majority the foods that irritate me. As for the stomach pain, I think the Mebeverine actually worked in the sense that it didn't develop into anything further.

  • I've been on mebeverine for 3 weeks and it started off great but I think I've got used to it. Yesterday I started on peppermint oil tablets I just took one and was fine all day I also take gaviscon and omerprazole (I think that's how you spell it) for acid reflux which I've had for years and makes me cough but apparently controlling this helps with IBS. I think everyone is different just have to see what works for you. My next thing is peppermint tea !!!

  • I have Colpermin and buscopan too. I just have never taken anything regularly. I still add in one or the other if I feel I need to.

  • Thus morning u took mebevene gaviscon buscapan and I modium. Melts. Omg I hope I don't get constipated now

  • I have taken Imodium a couple of times, but don't think it agrees with me. I find I don't have a BM for a few days, but I do feel bloated and unsettled.

  • I did the same in July just before going on holiday, I still had lots of stomach bubbling producing gas and was still waking up in the night busting for a wee but it did help with the stomach aches and I stopped feeling ill in the mornings. I did have diarrhoea once at 3am though.

    I've not taken them for a month now though as I don't think they're helping to cure the problem. I'm having the same amount of bubbling everyday and my stomach aches are more frequent but my bladder is back to normal.

    I think it's a build up of bad bacteria in the gut so I'm going to try some probiotic tablets and see how it goes.

  • Hi yes you will find you were not as stressed when on holiday and stress and food intolerance are a big part of ibs. I find Buscopan helps with cramping and always sit unstressed if possible when eating a meal, as eating when you are stressed or agitated can cause a flare up. Hope this helps

  • I was actually a little stressed on holiday lol. I am always relaxed at home when eating, but it hasn't stopped issues in the past. I already use buscopan thank you.

  • Buscopan works for me I wouldn't be without them :)

  • I have taken Mebeverine for the past 2 years and have found it really relieves bloating and pain, I usually take it for about a fortnight (2 a day) every 5-6 weeks in between I take Omeprazole 20 mgs , both work really well but have never taken them together. I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety so I don,t know if the anxiety causes the IBS to be worse or the IBS causes the anxiety to be worse, I try to stay positive and eat a fairly good diet and exercise daily which does seem to help.

  • I'm on a low dose amitriptyline and have been for about a month but don't know how much benefit it is provided as I was warned that it may take 3 - 6 months for me to notice a difference...

  • My doctor gave me Amitriptyline as well as Mebeverine, but for back ache. She said about it being useful in IBS, but I can't tell if it is helping either. I have only taken it for 2 weeks, so am also waiting for the cumulative effect for my back and the bowel!

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