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So I've had the worst flare up of the 10yrs. 12 weeks of daily diarrhoea, nausea and lack of appetite. Tested full blood count, inflammatory markers, celiac, chrons, liver, kidneys and stomach feeling exam and everything negative so gp has assured me that it is definitely ibs. So she has gave me mebeverine to help, woke up this morning and no diarrhoea! Is this a good sign?

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I take mebeverine and find it helps that and cutting out wheat/dairy x

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Thank you


I have managed to work out what my trigger foods are and avoid them but if i ever do have something that affects me then I find mebeverine really helps. Hope you continue to feel better :)


Hi there, I ASSURE YOU: when gp's are assuring you that that is JUST IBS, they do not have a clue what is wrong with you but certainly there is something wrong, because the normal state of your physical body is maximum health... it's actually a nonsense to take medication for IBS, it will worsen your problems over time, i speak out of experience, had IBS (diagnosed by "reductio ad absurdum" only after all my tests, and they were many, were all negative) over a 5 years period (think it was triggered, maintained and accentuated by overwhelming stress, poor diet and lack of exercise) by the end of which period i literally thought I will die. I healed myself last year, in a short period of 3 months, by avoiding any type of medication (not even an aspirin), avoiding any type of medical doctor, changing my diet to a raw organic vegetarian one and exercising everyday for at least 30 minutes. YOUR BODY IS SMART, IT WILL HEAL ITSELF, YOU JUST HAVE TO LET IT WORK AND DO NOT INTERFERE STUPIDLY!!! Since then I feel much stronger, have an outstanding physical and psychological stamina, my digestion got back to normal (after horrifying diarrhea bouts) and life is wonderful again! No more IBS - by eradicating the root causes of it, and not trying to repress the symptoms... This guy helped me a lot, with his short explanations, he made me change my lifestyle and although I do not personally know him, I am very thankful I got over him on Youtube accidentally... life changing experience if you suffer from a dis-ease and do not know the REAL causes... hope it helps you too:


Great recommondation thanks


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