New Scare

Currently trying to get to the bottom of IBS triggers when a heart problem has been found after 24hr holter monitoring. Obviously this has sent my anxiety and symptoms into tailspin. I was reading about vagus nerve affecting heart rythmns, anyone familiar with this concept? I was told I get ectopics plus frequent short pauses so they think an electrical fault but not sure of cause - seeing a Cardiologist on Tuesday and stressed to the max :-(

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  • Have you joined the atrial fibrilation community, you might get some answers from past posts on there or re posting this to it.

  • Unsurprisingly, heart problems can be exacerbated by stress so I think you're trapping yourself in a vicious circle. Although it's easier said than done, try not to worry about it. You're seeing the right people and there's no use in thinking the worst - things are very rarely that bad. Interestingly, there is one bit of research that shows a correlation between one genetic cause of arrhythmia and IBS. You never know, treating the heart problem might even help resolve some of your IBS!

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