I'm new! I have unusual symptoms/looking to ask about them & for some reassurance maybe :)

Hello, I'm a 23 yr old female who's just been diagnosed/presented symptoms of IBS. I have a strong family history on both sides, sadly :/ I get the usual change in bowel habits, pains, etc, but I also get a lot of headaches and chest pain in the left side. It can be where my stomach is or further up, just in my sternum or below my collar bone. I've had my heart checked out and everything was fine, so I'm wondering if anyone else gets a lot of headaches and chest pains with their IBS? Thank you for reading, if you are, and of course any response is greatly appreciated :)

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  • Yes all of this sounds pretty standard it can be caused by trapped gas, attractive I know lol. Headaches could just be down to the general draining and tiring effect Ibs has on the body. It's important to watch what you eat, usual triggers are fatty, greasy, fried, dairy and spicy. It's all different for everyone so it's very much trial and error

  • Hi-- thank you so much for the answer I feel better knowing it's not too uncommon. Spicy food and especially garlic or cheese are definitely bad for me, so I totally understand that! Thanks again, have a nice day!

  • Your welcome that's what we are all here for :)

  • I had all the above things and I got alot of acid too.... tested and found out it was Hiatus Hernia, another thing to add to my many lists of complaints..... ......

  • Yes it sounds pretty standard symtoms of Ibs.they can differ from person to person maybe ,also if u have hiatus hernia too like I have

  • If you have IBS-c the headaches are connected to being constipated . It's s horrible illness , with those not suffering with it not understanding just how debilitating it can be . Good luck , once you find the triggers it should get a little easier . Research up supplements because they seem to help alot

    Jo x

  • I think you're right-- I always have more trouble going when the headaches are around. I hadn't connected the two before, thank you!

  • I get migraine too and this can affect the stomach as well as the head aches and effects on the eyes.

    Only recently did this start making me feel sick when it occurs.

  • Yes i get headaches too and pain under my ribs im relieved to see its not just me food is a problem eg alcohol spicy food eggs n coffee all the nice stuff eh anything u need to know just ask will be happy to help :)

  • I to suffer with chest or very high stomach pains which affects my left side, I also suffer from muzzy headaches, it is very distressing, so you are not alone, I'm so glad I found this site as my anxiety levels were hitting the roof, which also contributes to IBS symptoms, it a vicious circle unfortunately.

    Wishing you well


  • Things seem to have taken a turn for the worst :( I hope this is just a flare-up, but I'm starting to feel sick (nauseous) for about an hour after dinner if I eat till I'm full. I'm also getting a nagging, twingy-like pain just above my right ovary that lasts for about that too, only after I've eaten though. Can IBS pain refer that low and that specifically? Or am I starting to leave the realm of IBS symptoms and should start investigating other issues? Thanks for any help! :/

  • hi have you been checked for an hernia . try not to eat till your full leave a couple of spoonfuls on the plate. reading the posts on this site it seems that quite a lot of us get the same pain on the right side , i was told by an acupuncturist that its where the intestine join each other and that sometimes it gets strained. if you deep massage it sometimes it relieves the pain . trishy

  • Hi Trishy

    No, I haven't, but I don't get any heartburn or indigestion at all, or any of the other symptoms. The nausea has improved, as has the pain. Things seem to get a lot worse when I'm on my oral contraceptive break for a week. Then all hell breaks loose. Hoping for a better pill to control the symptoms. Massage works too. Thanks for the response :)

  • Headaches can be caused by dehydration, especially if you have diahorrhea, try drinking more water, & stress of course, there's nothing more stressful than ibs! Good luck

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