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I have joined this group today for support and advice. I was diagnosed about a year ago with ibs. I have been struggling recently. I suffer with diahorrea,heart burn, bloating,abdominal pain and vomiting at times. I have also had a lot of time off work and struggling with the day to day managing of my symptoms. I take omeprozole, Buscopan, amatriptaline, lope ramie and copious amounts of gaviscon. Anyone out there got any other ideas for managing this ....was off work last week with diahorrea and off again this week. Thank you in advance. X

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  • I have found any medication is purely temporary and not a solution to anything.  You need to address your diet I'm afraid.

    You could try going gluten free and dairy free to begin with for at least 6 weeks to see if that helps.  You could also try the elimination process known as FODMAPS.  There is an app from Monash University which uses a traffic light systems.  You eat only those foods showing  green symbol - again for at least 6 weeks.  You can then add back in foods from the amber marked foods one at a time to find out what upsets you.  

    I now live off only the green foods As my basis and there are one or two foods within those which also disagree with me.  I eat some of the others occasionally .

    It does mean a whole new way of eating and generally cuts out all processed foods.  It takes time it I and many others on this site have found it well worth it.  I have no IBS symptoms now on a daily basis but do take Imodium occasionally if I make the choice to ha e something I know will affect me, like ice cream or something containing wheat if I can't get gluten free.

    Good luck.  I also used a course of cd's called ibsaudioprogram100 which is a self help hypnosis course, this was to help with the anxiety side of this problem.  Any sort of relaxation technique will help like yoga, mindfulness etc

  • I have adjusted my diet over an over again, tried different meds and probiotic and I still suffer, was in er on Monday for pain , they find nothing and tell me to follow up with a gasto which I cant see until end of july!!!!

  • I feel your pain, literally! Fortunately I have never suffered with the vomiting but all the other symptoms sound very familiar.

    I take mebeverine (3 a day) and omeprazole (2 x 20mg a day) but still get the stomach cramps, especially at night.

    I have started to try and eat evening meal earlier to give my stomach time to digest and settle before bedtime, hopefully that will help.

  • What a shame; can sympathise with you. For my stress induced diarrhoea, and night time reflux I use a silicolgel. It also lists other symptoms it helps such as heartburn, bloating, stomach ache, discomfort and vomiting. It might be worth a try. As I think everyone would declare on this forum, unfortunately there is no 'one size fits all' approach and there is lots of trial and error.  There's lots of info on it at Good luck and hope you find a solution. Artichoke used to also work for me for the bloating and nausea but not diarrhoea. Peppermint never did a thing for me where others swear by it. My saviour has been silicolgel, and I now just take a maintenance dose of one tablespoonful a day.

  • I agree with the 3 replies below. A real change in diet, which is not easy as wheat is in stuff you don't realise, for at least a month should enable the medication to be reduced. Silicol seems to wok for me although it's only been 4 weeks. Remember all cases are different and it takes will power and focus but I'm sure you will be rewarded. Good luck. 

  • Hi...I seem to have similar symptom's to you and I am just getting by on a prebiotic daily and slippery Elm bark tablet with every meal which stops the diarrhoea I have also cut out gluten and am using the Mod map diet. This ibs seems to be a lifelong illness and you have to adjust your diet accordingly to what suits you. There is no quick fix I am afraid but stress is a major trigger for me. Good Luck !!

  • I really feel for you.  I sometimes suffer from nausea but never vomiting - really feel for you there.  I also get pain, IBS D or C, feeling tired all the time and feel down.  Once I return from my holiday I will be embarking on an exclusion diet as I have read an article on here that it worked for someone, please see link below.

    Best of luck

  • PS: I am not a Dr and you should be working with one to help you narrow down your symptoms - that to me seems like a lot of meds and other things. I see a lot of things to patch issues, but not much talked about for prevention or rebuilding of the gut like probiotics. Have you had a workup done? have you tried other dr's?

  • I would get off the gaviscon stat. There are lots of negative side effects. Try taking braggs apple cider vinegar with the mother everyday. And following a dairy gluten and sugar free diet. With lots of soothing herbal peppermint teas. 


  •  I am in the same boat! I have tried a lot of meds now starting on low dose of amitriptyline which I I just started at bedtime last night. I have missed tons of work due to this issue, my doctor will not put me out on disability , and my employer denied my family leave act! seeing new gastro in june hope and pray he can help me . I would nto be surprised if I lose my job over this issue.

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