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Any suggestions on rib pain?

Hi, I just joined this site. I came across while researching my symptoms of ibs and pain in my right rib that I have had for years while having all test imaginable with no findings. I had found a lot of post on that particular subject (rib pain), all pretty old post, is there anyone with new information or cure for this? Thank you.

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I get rib discomfort on my right side under rib. It often radiates to my back. Is that similar to your discomfort? It actually feels like I've strained my back. Stretching feels great. It comes and goes.


I have been getting extreme bloating under right rib for 2 years now. It can get very uncomfortable. I believe it is food related especially dairy. I am still trying to figure it out. I've had scan and endoscopy but have not brought up anything yet.


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