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Low FODMAP Diet for IBS-C - Experiences?

I was just wondering if anyone here has tried a low FODMAP diet for IBS-C and what their experiences were. If you were able to stick to it which foods did you identify triggered your symptoms in the reintroduction stage?

If you have any simple, quick breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas I'd be eternally grateful. I'm not much of a cook and lots of the the low FODMAP recipes seem very complicated with lots of different ingredients.

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I avoid apple and mangoes as they upset me - wheat - I feel much better without them - cut down on onions garlic and cabbage! I found strawberries upset me so eat raspberries and bananas! It is hit and miss and I have a flare up at the mo as been away from home for a few days with stressful family! Peppermint tea helps a bit and buscopan! I think we just have to keep trying foods and work out personally what each body cant tolerate - I like oat so simple for breakfast with honey and cinnamon - salad is ok one day but not the next! So infuriating! Battle on! X

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Please could I ask how you know which food/FODMAP is causing the constipation? Because it is not such an immediate symptom as diarrhoea I find it virtually impossible to work out what might have triggered it. It's a case of time factor! If I eat garlic today, does it slow me down so that I am constipated from tomorrow, or the next day, or thereafter!? How do you know for example that salad has upset you one day but not the next? Any hints or tips will be gratefully appreciated as I have been on low FODMAPs for IBS-C for a long time but still struggle with this particular issue, meaning I haven't really introduced many foods back in. The diet has definitely helped me overall and this time factor issue is the only thing I am struggling with. I hope low FODMAPs help you too Motoe.


It's very individual. I've suffered for 40+ years and I don't foodmap, I just know what I can and can't eat and stick to that. There really is no timescale for me personally. I very rarely eat sweet corn but when I do, sometimes it's 10 hrs and others it's 24-36 hrs before it starts bothering my IBS. Have eaten caramelised onion chutney for years with no issues but recently it's kicked off my ibsd.

So I'm afraid I'm not much help. Hope you get the answers you are looking for.


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