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hi guys just joined! need advice current having a really bad time I'm starving but daren't eat! eating is making me poo ... a lot. . I'm struggling with life at the moment took an overdose on 21/7 since then I haven't been taking any of my prescribed meds. I'm supposed to take propranolol and sertraline. the propranolol used to take the edge of the ibs but because I haven't had it I'm in extreme pain . trying to be sick but it's not happening in feel like total crap any advice on what to do eat drink ?? any advice please I am desperate !!! sorry 4 long post !! xx

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Why have you stopped taking your meds?

In all honestly, I think you need to go and see a doctor as soon as possible. If you can't get an emergency appointment tomorrow morning go to A&E instead. If you're not eating or drinking you're very quickly going to make yourself ill in other ways, and feel even worse for it, too.

People on here can help give ideas of suitable foods to eat with IBS, but your issue sounds far more psychological or neurological - if all food is going straight through you I reckon it's much more likely it's your gut just going into overdrive and you're probably better off on meds to get them under control again. I hope you're at least drinking water, though.

Don't worry and get some help as soon as you can. Everything will be alright.

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Dear Gem dee -

I agree with pajientj - please see a doctor soon today about how you are feeling and think about starting again with your meds it sounds like you are making yourself much more ill by stopping them? We are all here for your too but we think you need more help with your anxiety/ depression?

Please keep in touch and get the help you need from professionals too - we are here for you - let us all know how it goes.

Eat rice at least and just small amounts of the things you like if you can,

Keep drinking water and diluted fruit juices or ribena etc. or you will feel sick from dehydration - that will not help you at all.

Keep in touch. Let us know how you get on after you have seen someone.



I would like to echo the other 2. Sound advice, consider taking it sooner rather than later. Hope you can get the help you need and deserve x


GemDee, please go and see your GP. You can't continue not to eat and, of course, you can't be sick if you're not eating. If you are low enough to overdose don't let this go on another moment. As patientj said, go to A & E if you can't get a GP appointment. Let us know how you get on.


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