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IBS with constipation

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I am new here. I have IBS with constipation. To make matters worse I have fecal incontinence. Is there a medication that will keep me regular and not cause incontinence?

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i find that taking a magnesium citrate daily helps with my constipation , i am taking 100mg at the moment but may up it to 200 as i can still struggle sometimes , it doesnt make me loose it just helps me go normally , it may work different for another person but it may be worth a try ,

i do get a sickening back ache if i get constipated which also goes into my stomach , like a belt of pain , so ts important for me that i go every day

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Thank you for your reply. I will definitely try that. I assume you're taking it just once a day. Is it best to take it at night or in the morning?

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i take mine in the morning along with my pro biotic supplement , which i have found also helps with the ibs , do you take a pro biotic at all ? my thinking is that anything wrong with the gut is often an inbalance of good n bad bacteria and like i say its helped me a lot x

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Thanks and yes I do take a probiotic.

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1. Constipation - re diet Can you tolerate fibre ? Add a little more to the diet if you can?

fibogel is good for some - it is just natural fibre - you can buy it everywhere at chemists and used to be prescribed if you need it all the time.

Yakult really helps I find with constipation - one a day - its a probiotic (Lactobacillus casei) yoghurt type drink.

2. If you have faecal incontinence - is that being treated investigated properly and by a doctor - you may need some tests?

There are things that can help with it according to the NHS

Cut and paste


that is the NHS website - details the tests that can do.

3. Excercises - if there is a prolapse somewhere - Kegel exercises may help too. But talk to your doctor about these maybe.

Michelle Kenway provides good free information you can look at.

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