Bloody terrified!

hi all

not sure if Im in the right forum area. I have anxiety disorder and this week has been hell with lots of stressors and upsets. Im emetophobic and have periods of IBS(C). But today I had an episode of IBS(C) and Ibs(D) simultaneously (sorry to be crude. I am Literally TERRIFIED of it being a bug. Is this something that happens? And how do I know its just IBS "gone mad"?

Any replies HUGELY appreciated as Im sitting here in bits.

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  • Anyone???? :(

  • It does not sound like a bug to me and even if it is it will clear itself up after a few days. As you probably know, IBS and anxiety can be very closely related so if you have been under a lot of stress this week that might be enough to really confuse your bowel. Try to relax and practise whatever techniques your counsellor or therapist has suggested when you feel this agitated. You'll be fine.

  • thank u patients i actually hd the week from hell so maybe its that?

  • Emetophobic?

  • Scared of vomiting?

  • Hi new to this page,you must be eating something or drinking something to trigger it off, keep off dairy, I love butter but it triggers for a session,now using flora gold tub,beer is also a trigger,again something we like, try not to get upset about things it only makes things worse hope this helps

  • Will20 my gp has told me stress is a big factor for ibs. I hope you'll be ok. X

  • I'm a sufferer of emet too but I can assure you if it was a bug you would know about it. I have ibs a ( alternates between c&d) and often have diarreah after constipation and it's possible to have both together. Stress and anxiety will make your symptoms worse but you can retrain your brain. I always panicked when I had d* that it was a bug but I now know it's always my lbs as a bug would hit you hard and fast and usually occurs at the same time as n* & v*.

    Focus on deep breathing when it happens and do something to take your mind off it.

  • Hi.

    Are you Will who posted 10months ago and who was in touch with Shona re Phenergan ?I wonder if you ever tried it ? I am in Ireland too and got Phenrrgan online as knew gp who is not too interesred would not prescribe.

    Sorry you are not better by now....

    I have ibs since I was 40 am 71now....but manage by immodium plus benzo but not daily as was warned not to take husband developing dementia so that is NOT helping anxiety.

    Hope you get some good advice from forum.

  • Ps . Hope you have support from family/friends

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