Any idea what this could be?

So I'm 19 and I haven't really acclimated to working and going to school at the same time, so I'm stressed out a lot. A couple days ago, I started experiencing some sharp pains in my lower stomach, close to my private area. Then, I noticed that I hadn't passed stool in a couple of days. I took some magnesium citrate and it seemed it help. A day went by and I ate more food and i kept burping it up, so I took some pepto bismol. I ate that food on Sunday and it took about two days for the poop to come out and I don't think all of it is out. Whenever I eat, I get really bloated. It feels like my stomach is gonna explode. I'm constantly burping up food and I rarely ever do that. And plus, I'm urinating less frequently. I drank nearly three bottles of water and when I do that, I usually go to the bathroom frequently. It feels like I don't have to pee. But when I do pee, it's a small amount compared to the amount of water I drank and it's yellow. The pee itself doesn't look yellow. It's almost like there's a subtance in it that's yellow. The pee also has a strong smell. I ate guacamole two days in a row, so idk if that contributed to it or not. I'm really scared. Idk what this is. Does anyone get these symptoms. Is so, what was your condition? Thanks.

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  • Maybe it is gas problem. it occurs everyone healthy life. and less urine also a general symptom because of your stress body absorb more water. my suggestion is do exercise like walk. and treatment for gas, i think you resolve that problem. try to take ginger with honey drop.

  • Thanks! I'll try to do some stress management stuff. My mom doesn't believe it at all. I understand why. I have anxiety and tend to think I have multiple diseases. But this stuff just started happening last week. I'm really stressed because I'm taking a class this summer. All of the work has been shoved in one month, when it's usually spread out over 4 months. And on top of that, I'm working a horrible job. I hope it's just stress because I can't afford any medical bills

  • Hi RC16, You are probably really stressed and your body is a bit out of sync but it could be that you are constipated and that would give you stomach ache or you could have a urine infection if your urine is thick and dark yellow in colour, it should be clear. If your stomach pain is really acute and severe you should get it checked over with the doctor urgently and also have your urine tested as well. I wouldn't think you have anything to worry about but the best thing to do it see a doctor if your pain gets worse. This would also put your mind at rest and stop you from worrying.

  • Go to the doctor quickly, sounds like a kidney infection. Pee should never smell, other than when you eat asparagus! Also should be pale a cloudy, anything else kidney infection.

  • My pee usually smells when I eat guacamole. I'm not sure why.

  • Could be stress, could be the food you've eaten over a few days. You mentioned guacamole. Do you have any other symptoms? I used to eat avocados all the time but developed a severe intolerance, with stabbing gut pains below the belt. This is now accompanied by an itchy face and diarrhea, but it started slowly and got worse every time I ate an avocado. Just watch the next time you eat one to see if you have problems, it's very strange and specific, but a colleague of mine has it as well.

  • I'm passing bowel now, which is a relief but my pee has this yellow oily looking substance in it. It doesn't smell either. Strange. and I'm losing weight so idk if it's fat that's coming out in my urine or not

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