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How can I know what do I have?

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(24 years old male ,slightly graphic post) So here it is the past two weeks where the worst in my life,first 4 days I was going to the toilet 8 times a day the first day it all started I had bad constipation and bloating, went to the doctor next day and he gave me Psyllium and told me I'm too stressed and also that I need to work out more cause my intestines got lazy. So I was taking it while I was going to the toilet 8 times per day I was feeling weak and my bowel didn't look right, it was full of mucus green and with really bad smell. Now after 5 days this stopped and I was getting ultra levure recommended by another doctor and I was eating only chicken and bread and a banana. That's continued for 4 days my poop we're yellow some times mucusy and some rare times (2 times) I saw a really small amount of blood.So 15 days now I keep eating the same food and still getting yellow semi solid poops that are covered in mucus, but also I had some pains on my right abdomen not crazy pain ,but definitely noticable.Also I noticed lately my lower back has some pains too ,I never used to have them so often.I had a blood test and ultrasound and stool test done but all came back normal.Im gonna go for a colonoscopy next week to see is it's something serious but Jesus Christ what is this ,why I have all these bad bowel movements and why I'm feeling discomfort and some times pain?

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You need to get assessed by a doctor, we can't tell you what's wrong on here.

Get on the phone and have a chat with your gp asap.


Understand your stress but as you will have a colonoscopy next week all with be revealed it may not be anything serious but this is the best diagnostic test there is. Good Luck!

Let us know how is your colonoscopy results and what did the doc say

Hello. Sorry to read this, you indeed have had a tough few weeks. The good news is that your doc has already referred you for a colonoscopy, from this they can see whats going on and get you sorted. There are many conditions which can be treated sucessfully so you are on the right track on getting diagnosed. Try and keep postive. I put up with 6 months of blood/mucus but no real pain before finally being refered fir a colonoscopy. I was diagnosed with IBD and have it under control now with meds. Best of luck and do come back and let us know how you got on.

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Turns out that i have Gluten intolerance and whenever i eat it my intestens just attack the food.So i was doing the carnivore diet and it seems to help so much ,no gluten no lactos no spicy food,for now at least.

Well i hope its relief knowing what the cause is. Ive not heard about the carnivore diet, just read about it now. Not for me lol as i have trouble digesting meats at the best of times. Anyway glad its working for you and you will keep seeing improvements. :)

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