IBS and stress

I had pneumonia few months ago followed by a lot of worry over husband health. I have had symptoms of ibs like wind rumbling round in colon pain when going ti toilet. Dr given me fybogel and buscopan. A few weeks ago was in so much pain went to a& e then did bloods abd said symptoms there was nothing wrong fave me buscopan and paracetamol . I did go back straight away had to see another gp and she read hospital report and told me I was in a state of high anxiety. Dr has put ne on trazidone which has upset my stomach given me wind and slightly constipated. Just taking one buscopan a day and don't know whether to take fybogel as well will it increase the wind. Should say Dr will not send me fir colons opy until my anxiety is under control. Ivwas diagnised with IBS 10 years ago. I'm 62

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  • Fybrogel is dreadful on the tummy!! I take dulcolax mediceneNOT tablet form! Twice a week.more gentle than anything else ive tried.x

  • Ask your doctor to change your anxiety meds to one more suitable for your system.

    It is very difficult to not be anxious about husband's health issues but if you can get your anxiety levels under control your GP will the have a clearer idea of actually what is happening.

    I became anxious with my husband's ongoing chronic conditions, and I was put on citalopram and also omeprazol for chronic indigestion, there was hardly any burping but my breath smelt like "death". This could have been preliminary symtem of an ulcer, I don't know, but it went away, thank God !!

    Good luck


  • Thanks for the tips. By coincidence I was on citropralam at the time I had the anxiety and to be honest this made me feel more anxious that's why Dr put me on trazodone. Every med I take seems to upset my stomach guess I will have to put up with side effects a little longer. Just wish I could take medication. I am careful what I eat but know it's the anxiety that causes the it's symptoms.xxx

  • Anxiety and panic attacks are not great - I really feel for you. Can you get out for a walk when things become too much. I used to find this helpful. To be able to get out enabled me to feel a little less shut in mentally - if you know what I mean.


  • It took over 6 weeks for the citalopram to kick in for me by the way. I went from 10mg to 40mg and that is helping me so much.


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