First Colonoscopy

Well had my first ever Colonoscopy yesterday after requesting one from my GP, not sure if I was lucky but my consultant was brilliant never felt a thing during the procedure but afterwards the stomach cramps doubled me up but considering the examination not a big deal - so if you are due to have one soon then please try and not worry - I think everyone should have one when they get to a certain age. It may save life's and the NHS a small fortune in treating people with bowel problems that could have been treated sooner.

Three biopsies were taken so I get those results back soon but the consultant did state that all looked A1 - but its like you people have said in these forums, it was more for a peace of mind for me than anything else and I think you are right.

Anyway have a good weekend and I hope my short message helps someone.

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  • Hi, I had one recently too, sorry you had the cramps afterwards, hope your results all come back A.ok

  • I'm glad you had a 'good experience' re your Colonoscopy. I've had 2 & a Colonography over 12 months. 2 were very painful & I had a light anaesthetic for the 3rd, which was better & will request the same if I ever need one again. Due to the cost not everyone is offered one, I was told. The prep wasn't a walk in the park either. I don't have a low pain far as I know's as they say both sides of the coin should be given. I hope it doesn't out people off the tests as all people are different of course. 😊

    Good look with your results, I'm sure you'll be fine.


  • Hi Jackie - Kleen Prep was a challenge but the light anaesthetic may have helped but also the consultant I had was brilliant and he is both NHS and Private.

  • Yes my Consultant didn't do the any of the procedures, so who knows was that the reason. They are short of Gastroentologists in my area so it could have been a Locum?


  • In my area (Tayside) they carry out genetic testing for bowel cancer risk if your family history suggests it. Although I had a second stage polyp (removed during colonoscopy) I was found not to have this gene. Whew! My immediate family are also offered the genetic test if they're fifty or over.

    These procedures are all carrried out via the Colorectal Care Pathway which is much more on the ball than the Gasto clinics with long waiting lists. Youo need sharp elbows to get appointments.

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