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Is it Piles?!

Just a little about me, had IBS-c for 13 years(ish). Started feeling a little more normal recently after deciding to change my diet by removing wheat. I honestly have not felt this good for years!

Woke up this morning feeling normal, needing the toilet as always. When I got there I had the usual bowel movement which starts off as normal as normal can be then gets softer and softer. However this time I almost felt a scratch and then had blood on the hard part of the stool.

Now I worry about the simplest of things in life and have had piles externally before. Does anyone think that it could just be an internal scratch that bled or internal piles?

I'm waiting on the Doctors to call me back but just a touch concerned....again!!!

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I mean IBS-d not c lol!! I'm losing the plot


Sorry I wouldn't know but always best to see the doctor. It does seem quite common with sufferers getting blood in their stools.

All the best and hope everything is okay.



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