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Just up dating you all

Thank you everyone who commented to me im currently still taking the colofac and amitriptyline being referred to hospital to see some one about my ibs been doing a food diary and tracking when my tummys been upset also staying clear of whats been upsetting me xx just started to notice though last 3 weeks ive had heartburn or indigestion mur just lately and cant understand y?? Xxx

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Might be something that you have eaten and might be an acidic food. Hope you manage to find out what it is.

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Probli x im trying to keep a track wot i eat and wen opefulli myte sort its self out and ive cut dwn on green n herbal teas ave been drinkin just mostli on water now xx


I fully understand and it's so hard with IBS and where one is a trigger for one person it's not for the other! I really hope you get sorted very soon xx


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