Hi all, just need to have a moan

Had a chest infection, then bang, my IBS is back with vengeance been feeling, nearly normal, (said nearly) and

Really well, now i feel awful, bad stomach, panic attack, shortness of breath and dizzy, what is going on. I take mebeverine, domperdone, and lanzaprozole. I've got such a horrible taste in my mouth and throat, any suggestions pleaseeeee, THANKYOU for listening to my rant, my husband is fed of of it, so I thought I would burden you lot

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  • After suffering from IBS for years I did a York Test for food intolerances and went on to the FODMAP diet with a probiotic every day and it has been an absolute miracle. I feel so much better with my reflux practically gone and the stomach cramps have become minor.

  • I think it's called anxiety!! I'm an expert - sadly. The taste thing in my experience, gets worse as I get more anxious, as does my IBS. Have you got a drip running down your throat? That also affects taste even though it doesn't seem as though it can. I had a flu jab in October and spent the next 3 weeks panicking about the side effects - felt terrible. Anxiety ruins my life to be honest. Try not to worry about your symptoms - to an outsider they do sound exactly like anxiety. Good luck.

  • You may have some anxiety but what is causing it? Has something changed at work or home or is it just because you got a bad cold? If you been working harder it could be you are run down and psychologically your body is saying I've had enough. But it could be that the bacteria that live in your body have been knocked out of kilter. Given bacteria outnumber human cells 9:1 a small bacteria change can make a big difference. Your body may have experienced a bacteria shift due to a GI infection some time ago and your body has just been fighting to correct it - both your immune and nervous system get in on the act and hence you can feel pretty rubbish. I cannot offer any cures as its so individual to your bacteria and how your body has responded it it. The best advice I can give is to try and work with it. addressing food intolerences as Salt suggested can ease your symptoms which you might have been trying but if your immune and nervous system are tuned up the slightest thing will send the system into freefall so you may need to for a while let your body recover...food helps but also brain rest to calm your bodies responses down. This could be hypnotherapy, acupuncture, massage, raki, or just simple sleep. Your body works 24/7 trying to fix its-self and when it does not succeed it try's harder and harder and that's how its tunes its self up. You just need to do what you can to calm it down. Good luck - your body can get there, it may just a while while you figure out what works for you.

  • Hi cimmy I feel for you Hun, as I also get realy bad flare up's of IBS. I only take codeine phosphate pain killers for my IBS as I suffer from depression.hfbs x

  • Hi, have you tried the Low FODMAP diet. Following this up to 80% of IBS sufferers will get symptomatic relief, usually within 10 days.

  • Did you have to take antibiotics? Did you follow up with probiotics? Might help.

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