Sporadic symptoms

One of the things I struggle with most with ibs is the unpredictability of it. I am lucky that I don't suffer daily. Sometimes I can go days or weeks of feeling fine and having no symptoms or just minor ones. Then I get a big d flare up and feel grotty for days afterwards.

It puts me on edge but it does also make me feel like it can't be anything serious. Am I right in thinking that the symptoms of more serious things like tumours, crohns etc would present constantly or at least more regularly?

One of my major problem is anxiety and during a flare up I always manage to convince myself something is seriously wrong but by the time I get around to trying to book a doctors appointment things have gone back to normal!

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  • Hi Little Miss, Your post was so delightfully honest and upfront! I do exactly as you do...I can go for days without any really ibs problems...then something 'mysterious' brings back a flare-up...and YES...during that time I do exactly as you do... and my imagine can really play ornery tricks on me... Sometimes it just helps to say: "Ok, look here now! I got through this before and I'll get through it again!" And there is always that tendency to think "WHAT did I do WRONG?" and berate yourself...and this does nooooo good whatsoever. My biggest 'obstacle' to overcome is not to start worrying the night before about what my bm might be like in the morning... We can sure be funny ducks, can't we! :) You take good care.

  • I agree, you look and feel awful for a few days so you get worried and make a drs appointment. By the time you get to the appointment you have nothing to show, and look well and its hard to describe how bad you felt a couple of days ago. Then they think you're wasting time.

  • I myself cannot make plans due to chromed and diverticulitis I need to stay close to a toilet as I cannot hold it in anymore x

  • hi

    all to common with IBS.im the same.having bad week probably made worse with stress.are you keeping a food diary may be a food is trigger for start.i think now chocolate and tiny amount of onion are my recent triggers.been so much better since eating any bread n less

    in diet.

    hope you soon feel better


  • Thanks all, I think white bread and pasta are triggers for me so I avoid them. Stress and anxiety is also a major source. Then when symptoms flare up I get even more anxious thinking that I must have bowel cancer or something then eventually everything calms down and I think I'd struggle to even describe how bad I felt. So annoying. What I'm hoping is that the fact I feel well the majority of the time means it's unlikely to be anything more serious that ibs and certainly nothing life threatening...I hope!

  • Hello, Little Miss Bee again! I identify with what you are writing. I have awful anxiety and can go to bed feeling great and goodness knows what happens in disturbed sleep, but feel awful and unwell from about 3.00 a.m. onwards. In fact I sweat and shiver most of the time and feel unwell. Can then get a few hours and if I am lucky a whole day of feeling good. The actual bowel problems seem stable most of the time but higher in the stomach is very bloated. I take Lansoprazole. I DREAD having an endoscopy, I couldn't sustain the colonoscopy it was so awful. Going back to GP in a fortnight (3 weeks wait) but as usual, probably nothing abnormal to show in recent blood tests etc. People tell me how well I look when I am feeling awful! Don't know if that is your experience!! I find trying to mask my symptoms all the time in daily life difficult but people don't want to know. That's why having a forum like this is such a good thing!

  • I'm exactly the same, no one knows I suffer to the extent that I do during a flare up. Had some stressful news over the weekend and although I was ok on the actual day, by Monday I was gassy, bloated and feeling horrid. I've been constipated most of the week and today had d as well as back ache. Guarantee if I make a doctors appointment I'll feel fine again tomorrow grrr.

  • Hi,I don't know if you've had a colonoscopy,but I think when you have D suddenly you could have Diverticlitis ,no big deal if it's treated properly,but only a colonoscopy can detect anything,if there is anything, I know none of these tests are pleasant,but I do think it's worth it for peace of mind. If your sure of what is wrong then you can try and help your self . Also I would just like to add,brown bread don't help if you have D.

  • I know a colonoscopy is the only way to be certain but I had one about 7 years ago and honestly it was awful. If I can avoid it id really rather not go through it again especially since my anxiety has rocketed. My grandma on my mums side has diverticulitis, I'm not sure if it's hereditary. As I said, I'm totally fine most of the time it's just the worry that something might happen that keeps me on my toes. And that it could be something serious :(

  • Hi,There's always options to a colonoscopy ,I've recently had a Colonography CT scan and that was fine. Like you I had a colonoscopy about 8yrs ago but when it was suggested for me to have another,I refused because someone on this forum had told me to suggest,the above. So it's always worth having it checked out even if it's just for your own piece of mind. If you did have Diverticlitis and its in the early stages,you could then help yourself more by learning about it,and you may even clear it up. Give it some thought.

  • Hi, how are you now?

    you sound so similar to me. I have been not so good for around 4 weeks now tho and am worried it could be something nasty. Anxiety and depression are getting worse by the day too.

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