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IBS worse on low FODMAP? & other IBS symptoms

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Hi everyone,

I am getting nowhere with sorting out my IBS, I am in the process of changing GP to try and get a referral to a specialist, but in the meantime am trying the low FODMAP diet by myself. I wonder if anyone else has experienced their IBS getting worse/more pain with trying this diet. I want to see a dietitian to make sure I'm following it correctly, as it is so complex, so wonder if I am getting it wrong and causing problems, or if it might be by body adjusting to the new routine? I want to carry on with it, as I don't see what else I can try and do to help, and need to be doing something!

I was off work last week and might end up having more time of this week the way I'm feeling. I also want to ask if anyone else has flu-like symptoms (very tired, groggy, aches etc) when have an ibs flare up? I seem to get both together when it's really bad, but I don't know if I have a bug that sets off the IBS, or if part of the IBS flare up feels like having a bug?

Any thoughts welcome, am feeling really fed up at the moment....


6 Replies

Hi Merlin19,

I just wrote an intro on this community, so in there I explained how going off all grains actually cleared up my ibs (til I started cheating 4 months later or so) It is NOT easy to stay away from all grains because they sneak wheat into SO many processed foods... and its hard not to feel sorry for yourself because all your comfort foods have been taken away! :( And you cannot cheat...even by one bite...

Now I am going back to eating like I should. And hopefully, as sick as I got this time with a horrible flare-up... I will use my HEAD and not cheat... OK... eventually, before, I used Quinoa...and you can always makes treats using nut flours... its just that its WORK. :) I am sure my anxiety 'cooperated with my cheating' and caused my system to flare.

I have heard good and not so good results with the FOD diet... Sounds like you were really careful and did not cheat...so good for you. There are people who cheat and then claim the grain free diet 'doesn't work'... it takes awhile and you go through a 'detox' stage to because grains has the same effect on your brain as heroin... (honest, not making it up! :) ) ...but grains are what most of us are addicted to (literally)

Want to wish you all kinds of good luck!


Watch out for corn and all its products, which I was told is okay on FODMAPS but tough for a lot of us. Also skip the store bought gluten free stuff - made me quite ill. Actually I suspect a lot of additives and preservatives can trigger IBS symptoms.


Personally cannot follow Fodmap as it includes many of my trigger foods

Eg nuts pulses

Think you are best to work out your own regime

This is a slow trial and error process!


Thanks for the responses! It is hard work, and difficult as it is so different for everyone! I think a lot of it is down to amount and timing rather than the food itself, e.g. nuts and seeds work well with me, but only to a certain amount I am starting to feel, as well as things like red meat, only in small quantities/a few days apart. I'm off work again now, and trying to get a doctors appointment for today, fingers crossed!



stick with fodmap. IT can take awhile to get used to sorting meals and lots of water.

tiredness etc all common with ibs. keep a food diary just in case something on the fodmap doesnt suit you. usually know in 24-36 hours. im better for low fibre.i take normacol to make up for other fibre its veg based and seems to keep me free of constipation/ and D. Worked better for me than Fybrogel. persist with hospital tests

will give peace of mind nothing else is cause. iv started back with amytriplyne which can help calm nerve/brain signals to your gut. low dosage not addictive.

iv cut my tea to 2 cuPs a day no coffee much better for it. decaf tea isnt to bad n some fruit teas are ok though watch out for artifcl sugar or high sugar content.

ibs can get you down iv had it for years some people get a sudden cure others just have to keep trying a manageable process. hope you soon improve



Thank you for the supportive comments, that's really helpful and reassuring. I have just been to my new GP and she was brilliant, although I need to wait until all my notes etc have been transferred she seemed very supportive of following the specialist route, and will do new blood tests to check up on everything else again, so feeling more positive now. Thanks everyone!


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