Changing symptoms?

Just wondered if anyone else's symptoms change from one flare up to the next. My latest flare up I seem to have more pain that can be anywhere in my abdomen, more loose bowel movements and stomach that just generally feels very queasy as if I have food poisoning. This has been going on now for nearly 2 months now. Usually it is just mild pain & feeling bloated but I have been under strees lately so don't know if this could make things worse.

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  • Because you have ibs and also you are stressed that will probably have a lot to do with it don't worry to much drink water 💧 x

  • Changing symptoms are classic IBS - your gut does it to you to cause you even more anxiety! I am convinced of it.

  • Yes, ever-changing symptoms are what makes it difficult to explain to doctors. They can change hourly, daily, weekly or whatever. Stress does seem to make things worse for some people.

  • Symptoms change from day to day. As soon as I think one thing is ok, another one flares up, and the cycle continues. It's easy to say but stress is a major player. Try hard to relax and not worry, it really does help.

  • I agree with all the above posts,stress is a major cause. But I started with this so called IBS about 12-13yrs ago,and believe me in that time it's changed extremely ,the only relief I get now is when I'm asleep,and even that takes sleeping tablets.

    And yes I've tried everything,and had every test possible. So quite honestly I think we're all just so different,that you really have to try and work out what's best for you.

    But yes stress is a big factor. But how do you avoid stress?

  • Hi Nick137,

    Yes, just when you think you may have things sorted along comes another symptom. I think many of us get this.

    Stress plays a part, although I recently felt terrible & wasn't stressed at all! Have you tried keeping a food/bathroom/mood diary? I try to avoid wheat as that doesn't like me but I'm still trying to find what the triggers are as it's not just wheat. We are all different and the doctors don't really know what to do either.

    Try and keep positive and don't try too many new things at the same time as you can't tell which is working! Good luck.

  • Hi Mc39, I have tried keeping diaries but just cannot find a pattern, any food that is ok one day can be different the next day and generally stick with the same meals on a weekly basis. When I don't have a flare up I can eat bread in vast quantities with no problems, just wondering if it could be a problem during a flare up.

  • I haven't found a pattern either (other than wheat) but I feel more in control by keeping a record even if it's just for my own benefit. I have a terrible memory.

    If all else fails it's something to throw at the doctor!

  • I have had IBS for 48 years and still cannot work out which foods result in sudden attacks. Some foods almost always cause a sudden need to dash to the loo and others sometimes cause a problem and other times no problem.

    One thing is certain ,it all gets worse if you are anxious and stressed.

    Generally , I think symptoms do change. When I worked it was always bad after breakfast before leaving the house. Now in retirement, that can happen sometimes ,maybe going somewhere in the morning but mostly, now I feel like if I don't get to the loo in the morning ,I feel like I need to go all day but don't get and feel up tight . Probably because I think an urgent need will occur at any time. especially following food.

    I think you eventually have to come to terms with this condition and find the best way to cope with it. It is not easy ,it can be limiting but you get better at coping . in my experience you have good and bad spells but it never really goes away. Somewhere along the line, accepting the condition and not worrying about it ,especially thinking it is something worse, ( not easy), can be of help.

    I know this is not great news but I think worrying about the condition creates a vicious circle , which makes things worse , you will learn to cope.

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