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Symptoms worsening

Hi everyone

I'm new here and this is my first post and last hope in trying to understand this debilitating disorder.

I was diagnosed with ibs when I was 14 and diverticular disease age 30.

My symptoms vary but I know them all, and now know when I will have a good day or bad day. My main symptoms are nausea and a flu like feeling but those, along with others are getting worse and I've All but given up with the medical profession.

I've cut out caffine and wheat and dairy don't really bother me and it doesn't matter what I eat because something that can aggravate my symptoms one day won't have an affect the next time.

For a couple of days now I've felt really off it and my symptoms have worsened. I can be going about my business and suddenly feel extremely nauseous and hot and tingly. The hot tingly feeling last about 10 seconds but the nausea lasts for hours and I start feeling like I have flu (face burning,feeling cold and achy).

Does anyone else feel this way and when? I'm not having a flare up and my bowels are ok (for me anyways). I just feel so rotten and to top it off I have emetophobia which sends my anxiety through the roof.

Any advice will be very much appreciated

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Have you considered seeing a counsellor or therapist? You mention that the fear of being sick sends your anxiety through the roof, and I wonder whether there is an unconscious link between your mood and your IBS. Even if there isn't, the struggles you're facing seem to be getting you down, and speaking to someone about it may help enormously; if not improving your symptoms, at least helping you to live with them. I know that tackling some of the anxiety and stress in my life has certainly had a positive impact on my IBS (although I admit it hasn't rid me of the symptoms completely).


I had CBT therapy in 2011 but it didn't really do anything for me. My partner is a great help with lending an ear but I don't like to burden him as he has to live with me lol

I suppose talking on here is a type of therapy and I'm a member of an emetophobia forum but that can sometimes trigger me.


it sounds like some sort of a panic attack ..are you taking any meds for anexiety ??


I have pain every day from my so called IBS/C. The only thing I have found that helps with my nausea is I get Accuputure once a month in my ears.


Maybe have a look at any meds you take. Are u female could it be the menopause? Have a look at your diet again.


I certainly do understand how you feel as my symptoms have been getting worse lately, have been to see the doc and he is carrying out blood tests on me, he also said he may refer me again for a Colonoscopy. I understand also re the Emetaphobia as I used to suffer that severely so much so that when someone was walking towards me a few years ago (they were a very long way from me so I couldn't have caught anything), they put their hand over their mouth and I thought they were going to be sick and I nearly ran into work. When I got into the office I was panicking, my heart was beating very fast. It was after that episode that I gave myself a good talking to and said 'I now need to sort this out as it's ruining my life'. I paid for a few sessions of hypnotherapy and I am so much better, I wouldn't say it's gone altogether but if someone in work mentions a tummy bug I no longer have that fear that I'm going to get it. I can also watch people on TV being sick - I couldn't do that before.

I would highly recommend looking into hypnotherapy for Emetaphobia.

Best of luck

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